TOPRA conferences & networking events

TOPRA holds several high-level conferences and events annually, including our Annual Symposium in a different European city each year and our Annual Summit in London, to discuss issues of high importance to regulatory affairs professionals.

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Conferences & special events

Begin DateTitleDescriptionCityCountry
22/09/2021Human Medicines Symposium 2021Speakers from agencies across Europe will provide a broad range of insight and facilitate discussion into the world of regulatory affairs on matters affecting industry professionals today and in the future.PragueCzech RepublicHSYM2021
22/09/2021TOPRA Annual Symposium Exhibitor Package 2021A truly unique and valuable event in regulatory affairs, TOPRA Symposium is the only conference in Europe entirely focused on healthcare regulatory affairs, allowing you to meet a closely defined group of professionals.PragueCzech RepublicSYMEXHIB21
22/09/2021Veterinary Medicines Symposium 2021The Veterinary Medicines Symposium will concentrate on how we can improve animal health with veterinary medicines by looking at how we collaborate now and in the future, what strategies could be put in place and how we can work together towards new solutions.PragueCzech RepublicVSYM2021
23/09/2021Medical Devices/IVDs Symposium 2021The regulation of medical devices is continually changing as more innovative technologies and drug-device combinations are being developed. Anyone involved in medical devices and in vitro diagnostics needs to keep up to date with both the new EU regulations and the clinical requirements.PragueCzech RepublicMDSYM2021
23/09/2021Regulatory Updates for Start-ups, SMEs and Academia 2021Designed for start-ups, SMEs and Academia, our 2021 regulatory update is a one-day event which will take place on 23 September as part of the 2021 TOPRA Annual SymposiumPragueCzech RepublicSME2021


TOPRA In regional networking events

Start dateTitleDescriptionCityCountry
04/02/2021TOPRA In Scotland - Challenges and Flexibilities for COVIDTOPRA In Scotland present a talk by Trevor Walker (IQVIA) entitled “Regulatory challenges and flexibilities for COVID studies in the UK – a case study” OnlineSCOFEB21
11/02/2021TOPRA In Sweden - Named Patient Permission and CUPTOPRA In Sweden present a webinar to update on what applies to Named Patient Permission (NPP/Licenser) and CUP for medicines in Sweden. OnlineSWEFEB21


TOPRA Special Interest Network (SPIN) events

Start dateTitleDescription
There are no records.