Our Masterclass courses are designed to meet the educational and vocational needs of experienced regulatory professionals in the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Each pharmaceutical Masterclass lasts 2.5 days and is built around lectures, case studies and discussion groups. Lecturers are drawn from the industry, regulatory authorities and academia.

Emphasis in most of the courses is given to discussion of European regulatory requirements and to practical problems involved in meeting them. Where appropriate, comparisons are made with the regulatory requirements of other major markets.

A total of 21 continuing professional development Masterclasses are on offer providing the opportunity for experienced regulatory professionals to gain valuable in-depth knowledge and updates. Around five pharmaceutical Masterclasses are held each year.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Begin DateTitleDescriptionCityCountry
20/01/2021Data for Abridged Applications and Specialised ProductsModule 8 of the MSc and Masterclass: Learn to consider and evaluate the practical regulatory aspects of regulatory strategy and data requirements for abridged applications (generics), specialised products (herbals, drug-device combination, radiopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, inhalation and blood products) and strategic issues of abridged US options. OnlineMSCM821O
08/02/2021Drug–Device Combinations and Other TechnologiesModule 18 of the MSc and Masterclass: This module will enable you to consider and evaluate the practical regulatory aspects including the design, development and lifecycle of a medical device product. OnlineMC1820210
03/03/2021US Regulation of Medical DevicesModule 21 of the MSc and Masterclass: this will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the US regulatory procedures for medical devices, to enable you to make recommendations about regulatory strategy for the US market. OnlineMC212021O
22/03/2021Registering Biological Biotech and Advanced Therapy ProductsModule 9 of the MSc and Masterclass: Designed for regulatory affairs professionals to develop and deepen their understanding of all aspects of the regulation and scientific principles underpinning development of biological, biotechnology and advanced therapy products, which provide challenges with their inherent complexities. The module includes consideration of the data requirements for clinical trial applications and marketing applications. OnlineMSCM921O
20/10/2021Regulatory Strategy for a New Active Substance: NonclinicalModule 2 of the MSc and Masterclass: This Masterclass will give delegates an understanding of the practical and legislative requirements for the nonclinical phase of global drug development. It will explore the regulatory issues that are likely to arise and provide advice and discussion around solutions to such situations.LondonUnited KingdomMC22021
01/12/2021Data Management and Digitalisation in Regulatory AffairsModule 12 of the MSc and Masterclass: This Masterclass will provide you with  the theoretical background to data management, document management, electronic submissions, eCompliance regulatory information management and the new identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) requirements, and find solutions to practical problems in this area. Deal with large volumes of data and deal with different data (from nonclinical to post-market pharmacovigilance).LondonUnited KingdomMSCM1221NE


Did you know taking Masterclasses can lead to achieving an MSc?

The programme is fully flexible part-time programme which can be spread over up to six years, so study at your own pace and pay as you go. Coursework assignments and the dissertation can be tailored to fit with the interests of the student or the needs of their company.

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