If you need to reach an audience of regulatory affairs professionals, TOPRA can help - our annual conferences can put your company in front of just the kind the people you're looking for.

Regulatory Careers Live

Delegates at the careers fair

Regulatory Careers Live  is TOPRA’s annual careers fair for anyone who is starting or looking to further their career in healthcare regulatory affairs. The face-to-face portion of the 2021 event will take place in October at the University of Hertfordshire's de Havilland Campus in Hatfield, England. 

Previous exhibitors include AstraZeneca, RB, Voisin Consulting, PRA Health Sciences, Regulatory Professionals and Linkfield Life Sciences.


What our exhibitors said:

“This is the perfect environment to bring people together to explain the role of regulatory affairs and to get a new vibrant generation into it... this was a great opportunity to give our organisation visibility to these young professionals.” - RB

“Regulatory Careers Live is giving the next generation the chance to learn about what companies are out there and what the opportunities are with them.” - AstraZeneca

“An event like this is a great way bring new blood into the industry, which is the hardest bit, but once they’re in they never look back.” - Linkfield Life Sciences

TOPRA Annual Symposium

Symposium Photo

The 2021 TOPRA Annual Symposium is taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 22-24 September 2021.

This is the only conference in Europe where you can meet the cream of regulatory leaders and decision-makers from the human and veterinary medicines sectors, medical devices/IVDs, healthcare delivery and government all in one place.

Over four days you'll have the opportunity to interact with over 500 delegates (on average) hailing from all over Europe and the rest of the world. The TOPRA Annual Symposium can be your gateway to meeting and doing business with our highly specialist and diverse audience of healthcare regulatory affairs professionals - a community who would otherwise be difficult to identify and contact.

Exhibitors over the years have included Veeva, Product Life, ProClinical, Extedo, Dora Wirth Languages, Samarind and Dassault Systemes.

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