Our members are individuals working in regulatory affairs all over the world. They come from a range of healthcare sectors, including regulatory bodies, academia, regulatory affairs consultancies, the pharmaceutical, veterinary and health technology industries, clinical research organisations and many others.

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There are many reasons why regulatory professionals join TOPRA. One of the most important is that it signals to colleagues and employers a strong commitment to the regulatory profession. You become part of a diverse global community of regulatory professionals with defined values and standards of good practice. There are more tangible privileges as well.

Membership categories

TOPRA has a range of membership categories design for wherever you are in your regulatory affairs career - from students to longtime experts.


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Employer Champions

Companies can offer TOPRA membership to their regulatory affairs staff company-wide with our Employer Champion programme. 

Rules of membership

See the criteria for joining TOPRA, the rules for use of our special member designations, and more.

Our values

Learn about the values we ask of our members.

Summer offer: Individual membership through to 2021

Take advantage of our mid-year membership offer: become a TOPRA Member through to the end of 2021 at a special rate.*

Only £290 will secure your membership from now until 31 December 2021.

You will receive all the privileges that membership offers, including:

  • Exclusive access to a wide range of country-based TOPRA In groups – from North America to India, and across Europe, including our newest community in Central & Eastern Europe.
  • Information sharing and support from Special Interest Networks – from CMC to Regulatory Intelligence, New Professionals to Regulatory Operations.

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* This offer is available only to new members or those who have not had membership for over a year.