Our mission, values and vision

Our vision

To be the leading global organisation for all professionals in healthcare regulatory affairs.

Our mission

Our mission is to represent and promote the profession of healthcare regulatory affairs globally. To do this we will provide exceptional support, world-class education and definitive accreditation for all regulatory professionals, and celebrate excellence in regulatory practice.

Our values

TOPRA's values are to be:


Our members say we are:

  • Respected
  • Educational
  • Professional

Our values framework

Our values are expressed through the Rules of Membership which all our members agree to comply with. TOPRA also has a Statement of Values which outlines a code of conduct for all regulatory professionals.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

TOPRA is a signatory to the Science Council's Diversity Declaration. This commits us to putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of all we do as an organisation, and to consider the importance of diversity for the regulatory affairs profession.

Find out more about our efforts to meet our diversity and inclusion goals.

Our Constitutional framework

Our Memorandum and Articles of Association outline the objects of the organisation and ensure that good governance procedures are followed.

How our values inform our actions:

  • TOPRA represents and promotes the global healthcare regulatory profession in all sectors and encourages members to engage in all our activities
  • TOPRA provides authoritative information, career-spanning training and educational qualifications to all regulatory practitioners 
  • TOPRA provides an independent, non-partisan space for all professionals, whether regulated or regulator, to share experiences, exchange opinions and help develop policy
  • TOPRA provides the competence and value frameworks to encourage best practice, celebrating and accrediting those who achieve the highest standards
  • TOPRA places diversity at the core of all we do, supporting access to the profession and encouraging wide participation.


For more on how TOPRA is run, visit our Governance page.