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Start dateTitleDescriptionCityCountry
06/07/2020The Medical Device Introductory Course(Module 13 of the MSc Medical Devices) Providing those new to Medical Device Regulatory Affairs with an understanding of the regulatory requirements for medical devices in the EU. OnlineINTROMD20
15/07/2020CMC SPIN Webinar: CMC Filings in JapanTOPRA's CMC SPIN is pleased to invite members to a webinar on CMC filings in Japan. This TOPRA webinar will be an overview of the regulatory process for filing clinical and registration submissions for small molecules, and will include a comparison of the process in Japan to other regions and the challenges encountered. OnlineCMC22JUN20
17/07/2020Reg Ops SPIN Webinar: The EAEU ContextThe TOPRA Regulatory Operations SPIN are pleased to announce our next webinar, in which we will have the pleasure of hosting Karl-Heinz Loebel (Director, Principal Consultant at PharmaLex) as he delivers insight into the EAEU procedure. OnlineEAEUJUL20
06/08/2020Essentials of European Pharmaceutical Regulatory AffairsThis course will provide a basic, comprehensive grounding in regulatory affairs in a relaxed and interactive environment. OnlineBAS0820
02/09/2020TOPRA In Sweden - Networking and Regulatory Update MeetingThis evening is an ideal opportunity to hear the latest regulatory news on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. We will also talk about how Brexit has influenced the work within MPA and industry and some TOPRA news. It also provides the perfect opportunity to network with colleagues in Sweden from the regulatory environment in a relaxed and sociable setting.UppsalaSwedenTSMAY2020
02/09/2020Post-Market Surveillance and Vigilance for Medical DevicesThis Masterclass, which is also Module 16 of the MSc Regulatory Affairs, will help to define the terminology and explain the concepts of vigilance and post-market surveillance, their practical applications and integration into the life cycle of a medical device. This course will focus on meeting European requirements. OnlineMC162020
08/09/2020CRED Project Management for Regulatory Affairs ProfessionalsA two-day course providing an essential overview of project management relating specifically to regulatory affairs professionals. OnlinePM20
22/09/2020CRED Getting the CMC Dossier RightThis course workshop led by agency and industry experts will provide an insight into the preparation and management of the pharmaceutical (CMC) information in Module 3 of the regulatory dossier. This course will focus on synthetic molecules and provide a brief introduction to biologics. OnlineCMC20
23/09/2020Regulatory Strategy for Established Active SubstancesThis Masterclass (also Module 7 of the MSc) is designed for regulatory affairs professionals to develop and deepen their understanding of all aspects of the regulation of and the strategic issues to be considered in relation to medicines containing established active substances, including line extensions, generics and the relevant aspects for OTC products. It will allow them to examine the regulatory requirements imposed on these substances. OnlineMSCM72020
05/10/2020Veterinary Medicines Symposium 2020The Veterinary Medicines Symposium will concentrate on how we can improve animal health with veterinary medicines by looking at how we collaborate now and in the future, what strategies could be put in place and how we can work together towards new solutions.BrusselsBelgiumVETSYM2020
05/10/2020TOPRA Annual Symposium Exhibitor Package 2020A truly unique and valuable event in regulatory affairs, TOPRA Symposium is the only conference in Europe entirely focused on healthcare regulatory affairs, allowing you to meet a closely defined group of professionals.BrusselsBelgiumSYMEXHIB20
05/10/2020Human Medicines Symposium 2020The TOPRA Symposium brings together regulators, experts and thought leaders in a 3 day event dedicated to discussing the latest insights into the world of regulatory affairs.BrusselsBelgiumHUMSYM2020
06/10/2020Medical Devices/IVDs Symposium 2020The regulation of medical devices is continually changing as more innovative technologies and drug-device combinations are being developed. Anyone involved in medical devices and in vitro diagnostics needs to keep up to date with both the new EU regulations and the clinical requirements.BrusselsBelgiumMDSYM2020
06/10/2020Regulatory Updates for Start-ups, SMEs and Academia 2020Designed for start-ups, SMEs and Academia, our 2020 regulatory update is a one-day event which will take place on 6 October in parallel with TOPRA's 2020 Annual SymposiumBrusselsBelgiumSME2020
22/10/2020CRED Understanding Digital Health and Electronic ProductsRegulation of electrical, electronic and software medical devices.LondonUnited KingdomEE20
04/11/2020Regulatory and Related Activities Through the LifecycleThis Masterclass is also Module 17 of the MSc Regulatory Affairs and will provide regulatory affairs professionals with insight into the strategic issues affecting the commercial and regulatory maintenance of a medical device throughout its lifecycle, with focus on post-launch activities and future pressures.LondonUnited KingdomMC172020
12/11/2020Essentials of European Medical Device Regulatory AffairsThis course will provide a basic, comprehensive overview of regulatory requirements and considerations for medical devices in a relaxed and interactive environment.DublinIrelandMDBASIRE20
17/11/2020The Autumn Introductory Course (Pharmaceuticals)An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (Module 0 of the MSc Regulatory Affairs). This course covers all aspects of the product development process, and provides a sound overview of EU legislation and regulatory procedures, including the central role regulatory affairs plays in modern healthcare companies.BerlinGermanyIC22020
24/11/2020Essentials of European Pharmaceutical Regulatory AffairsThis course will provide a basic, comprehensive grounding in regulatory affairs in a relaxed and interactive environment.LondonUnited KingdomBAS1120
25/11/2020Regulatory Control of Clinical OperationsThis Masterclass is also Module 5 of the MSc and  will provide you with an understanding of the practical and regulatory aspects of global clinical research, in order to offer effective advice on the regulatory issues likely to arise during clinical programmes.CheshamUnited KingdomMSCM52020
01/12/2020CRED+ Optimising Interactions with RegulatorsA practical workshop covering interactions with EU and US health authorities and how to manage them effectively.LondonUnited KingdomADVICE20
31/12/2099Registered Scientist Registration   RSCI