Starting out in regulatory affairs

If you are looking for your first role in regulatory affairs for human or animal medicines, or for medical devices, the TOPRA careers pages are an essential port of call. As a leading professional body for healthcare regulatory affairs we are committed to delivering the support you need throughout your career.

Here are some useful tips for starting your regulatory affairs career:

  • Be prepared to take another role in the drug or device development process as a stepping stone.
  • Review your CV for skills and experience that would be particularly transferable - eg, good communication skills, project management and/or the ability to synthesise information
  • Enrol with a specialist regulatory recruitment consultant who can advise you


How TOPRA can help

Insights from TOPRA's 2020 Regulatory Careers Live (online) careers fair

What is it like to work for big pharma? What are the pros and cons? How and when do they recruit?

  • Roz Sutton, Regulatory Lead, Programme Management, Roche
  • Glykeria Karanika, Graduate Trainee, Regulatory Programme Management, Roche
  • Lizzie Thomas: Graduate Trainee, Regulatory Documentation, Roche

What are regulatory affairs recruiters and employers looking for and what is different about those who secure positions?
Presenter: Mary Bolt, Specialist Life Science Recruiter, CK Group


Find out more about the 2021 edition of Regulatory Careers Live 

Our courses for those new to Regulatory Affairs

TOPRA offers two levels of in-person courses for those new to or exploring a career in healthcare regulatory affairs. Basics courses are one-day primers on regulatory affairs; our twice yearly Intro courses are multi-day classes covering regulatory affairs in much greater depth. 

Upcoming Basics courses

Begin DateTitleDescriptionCityCountry
04/02/2021Essentials of European Veterinary Regulatory AffairsThe world of veterinary regulatory affairs can be a confusing and complex place, particularly if you have no formal veterinary or regulatory affairs background. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a clear and concise understanding of the role played by regulatory affairs in obtaining and maintaining marketing authorisation for veterinary medicinal products. OnlineVETBAS21
25/03/2021Essentials of European Pharmaceutical Regulatory AffairsThis course will provide an overview of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs in a relaxed and interactive environment. OnlineBAS2503


Upcoming in-depth Intro courses

Begin DateTitleDescriptionCityCountry
There are no records.