TOPRA Bursaries

Education BursariesWe are delighted to be able to offer bursaries to support the development of regulatory affairs professionals based in low-to-middle income countries, either as individuals or as part of a national and regional regulatory authority.

Education Bursaries for individuals

There are two types of Education Bursary available to individuals, Pathfinder and Foundation, and they are available to enable attendance at TOPRA training courses. The aim of Pathfinder Bursary is to support individuals who are either new to regulatory affairs or at the start of their career, while the Foundation Bursary is intended to support individuals who are developing their knowledge after at least six months of working in regulatory affairs.

Training Bursaries for national and regional regulatory authorities

The aim of the Training Bursary is to support national and regional regulatory affairs authorities in developing capacity and expertise in a targeted cohort of staff. It will provide a grant of up to £30,000 to contribute to the cost of dedicated in-house training (to include speaker cost, development of cuticulum content and resources).