Professional development

We offer a comprehensive programme of in-person and online training courses, webinars and conferences on a wide range of healthcare regulatory affairs-related topics as part of our commitment to encouraging the continuing professional development of our members and others in the field.

Career progression

If you are looking to become a regulatory professional, learn how TOPRA can assist you in developing your career.

Job listings

TOPRA Jobs is a specialist job board, hosted by, for regulatory affairs roles in the UK and mainland Europe. It is regularly used by a wide variety of global and regional organisations, as well as government agencies and consultancies.

Training courses & webinars

Our schedule of upcoming opportunities to improve your healthcare regulatory affairs knowledge, with training focused on pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, biotechnology, medical devices and IVDs, and other topics.

Conferences & networking events

TOPRA's premier events, led by our Annual Symposium, are must-attend gatherings for regulatory affairs professionals.


Take the opportunity for in-depth study and demonstrate your commitment to regulatory affairs with our qualifications - from postgraduate certificates and Master's degrees to a PhD - offered in conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire in the UK.

Professional registration

Demonstrate your regulatory affairs competence with a Chartered Scientist or Registered Scientist professional registration.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and lifelong learning

Regulatory affairs professionals need to undertake continuing professional development to ensure they remain safe and effective in daily practice. All members of TOPRA are required to 'continually improve performance and update or refresh their skills and knowledge'. For Registered Members of TOPRA - those who use the designation MTOPRA - we consider 50 hours per year spent on learning to be the minimum. Use our CPD tool to record your progress.

Apprenticeships in Regulatory Affairs

TOPRA has worked with a diverse group of employers to create an apprenticeship for regulatory affairs as part of its commitment to encourage access to and training in the profession.

Resources for professionals in medical devices and combination products

TOPRA is committed to assisting the regulatory profession in accessing the most relevant and up-to-date news and resources in the medical devices and combination products space. See how we can help you this year.