Statement of values

Primary Duty

It is the duty of TOPRA members to advance, preserve and protect public health in the performance of their duties as regulatory affairs professionals.


  • TOPRA members shall at all times conduct themselves and their employer’s business activities in a lawful manner, both in terms of the general law of the land in which they work and also in compliance with the laws and regulations of the authorities under which they operate as regulatory professionals.

  • Criminal activities which may bring the regulatory affairs profession into disrepute may result in suspension or cancellation of TOPRA membership in line with the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.


  • TOPRA members will use their professional skills, knowledge and judgment to the best of their ability to deliver the best service they can as regulatory professionals.

  • TOPRA members will seek to continually improve their performance and update or refresh their skills and knowledge.

  • TOPRA members will recognise their limits of professional competence and resources and not seek to work beyond them.

  • TOPRA members will declare any conflict of interest that they know to exist that will affect the performance of their duties.

Character and Values

  • TOPRA members will act with honesty and integrity in their business activities.

  • TOPRA members understand that accuracy and completeness of information and communications, whether written or oral, is vital in order for regulatory professionals to be trusted.

  • TOPRA members will respect the confidentiality of restricted information with which they are entrusted,

  • TOPRA members will accept responsibility for the work done by them in a professional capacity.


  • TOPRA members are respectful of others and will treat all individuals with dignity and courtesy.

  • TOPRA members will foster positive professional relationships, and take an active interest in the professional development of those for whom they are responsible.


TOPRA is a signatory to the Science Council's Diversity Declaration. This commits TOPRA to the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the regulatory community and to challenging prejudice and discrimination in the profession.

TOPRA members understand the value of a diverse regulatory community.

TOPRA members treat all those they encounter in their professional life with respect, irrespective of their background or circumstances.