Regulatory affairs conferences and courses

We offer a comprehensive programme of training courses and conferences on a wide range of regulatory affairs topics. Our courses are delivered by highly-regarded experts from industry and government agencies and are suitable for professionals at all stages of their regulatory career.

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Start dateTitleDescription
7/26/2017Design Development and Certification of Medical DevicesGain an understanding of the design, manufacturing and quality management requirements for product development, the importance and concepts of risk management and the ways in which risk is managed from the design stage onwards, so that you can provide appropriate advice on the key regulatory issues affecting design, certification and manufacturing of medical devices.MC142017
8/8/2017Basics of Pharmaceutical Regulatory AffairsA highly-acclaimed one-day course which provides an awareness of the regulatory environment and an appreciation of some of the main regulatory processes and issuesBAS417
8/14/2017Webinar: US Requirements for Original Marketing ApplicationsThis webinar will provide an overview to the US marketing application (NDA/BLA ) from both a content and format perspective and will highlight those technical areas that are critical for companies to address well in advance of their US filings.WEBUSNDA
9/6/2017Regulatory Strategy for a New Chemical Active SubstanceNon-Clinical Development: Module 2 of the MSc: The aims of this module are to enable you to consider and evaluate practical nonclinical regulatory aspects for global drug development, explore and critically debate the regulatory issues likely to arise during nonclinical programmes in order to be able provide effective advice on such situations.MSC22017
9/7/2017CRED Drug-Device Combination ProductsThere are exciting developments in combining medical device technology with medicinal products, this is increasingly in focus due to biotechnology and advanced therapy medicinal products.DDC17
9/7/2017TOPRA In Sweden MeetingThis TOPRA In Sweden meeting will discuss the latest on the use of software to create smarter medicines, and the requirements on such apps as medical devices.TOPINSWE17
9/20/2017Webinar: Impact of CT Transparency RequirementsDuring this webinar you will be introduced to a broad set of strategies and resources to help mitigate issues experienced during clinical trial disclosure globally. The webinar will cover the importance of centralisation of disclosure and communication between departments.WEBTRANS
10/2/20172017 Human Medicines SymposiumA wide range of speakers from across the industry will provide a broad range of insight and discussion into the world of regulatory affairs on matters affecting us today and in the future. Discuss and understand proposed regulations and the wider issues affecting your regulatory role.SYM2017
10/3/20172017 Medical Devices SymposiumThe regulation of medical devices is continually changing as more innovative technologies and drug-device combinations are being developed. Anyone involved in this specialty needs to keep up to date with both the regulations and the clinical developments.MDSYM17
10/3/20172017 Veterinary Medicines SymposiumIn 2017 our Annual Symposium will concentrate on how we can improve animal health with veterinary medicines by looking at how we collaborate now and in the future, what strategies could be put in place and how we can work together towards new solutions.VSYM17
10/11/2017CRED Generics: Understanding the Regulatory ConsiderationsGeneric medicines are becoming increasingly important in the current healthcare environment and delivering these medicines to market as quickly as possible is critical.GEN17
10/16/2017Webinar: Identification of Medicinal Product LandscapeThis presentation will provide case studies representing EU and US environments and the experiences in preparing for IDMP followed-up by with an IDMP Regulatory update.WEBIDMP17
10/18/2017CRED Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)This two-day workshop led by regulators and industry experts will provide an insight into the preparation and management of the pharmaceutical (CMC) information within the regulatory dossier.CMC17
11/6/2017Clinical Evaluation of Medical DevicesThis will help you to understand the broad scope of clinical investigation and the regulatory processes required with the alternative routes to demonstrate compliance.MC152017
11/9/2017CRED+ Health Technology AssessmentUnderstanding and taking account of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) needs during your product development programme will result in a more efficient drug development process and a speedier return on investment.HTA17
11/13/2017Autumn Introductory Course 2017An introduction to Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and MSc Regulatory Affairs Module 0 - 7FHH1097 of the MSc Regulatory AffairsIC217
11/21/2017The First Ten Years of the Paediatric RegulationYour first opportunity to hear the findings of the report of the European Commission’s consultation reviewing 10 years of the European Paediatric regulationPAEDS17
11/22/2017CRED Clinical TrialsThis workshop based course will equip you with the key regulatory knowledge on Clinical TrialsCT17
11/27/2017Regulatory Strategy for a New Active Substance: GCDModule 4 of the MSc: This will enable you to develop effective regulatory leadership within your organisation throughout the clinical development and the registration of a new medicine.MSCM42017
12/7/2017Basics of Pharmaceutical Regulatory AffairsA highly-acclaimed one-day course which provides an awareness of the regulatory environment and an appreciation of some of the main regulatory processes and issuesBAS517
12/13/2017CRED Regulatory Operations Including ECTDThis course will take you through the key functions of a regulatory operations department and how its effectiveness can be maximised.RO17
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