Career coaching and mentoring

Embark on a successful journey in your regulatory affairs career by seizing the opportunity to engage in a special offer of a virtual session of personalized career coaching and mentoring with our team of industry experts. Let them guide you through your upcoming milestones and help you navigate the path ahead with confidence.

Career coaching

Joe Cheal, Lead Coach and Trainer for Imaginarium Learning & Development

Joe is the Lead Coach and Trainer for Imaginarium Learning & Development. Since 1993 he has personally supported over 12,000 people through coaching and training. He has worked with a broad range of organisational cultures across many sectors.

Whether you are at a career crossroads or would like to get ahead, Joe can offer you professional support to provide an objective review of your CV, interviewing skills and work together to build your career plan… how to get noticed for the right reasons by the right people!

In partnership with TOPRA, Imaginarium Learning & Development is pleased to offer a free 30-minute career coaching session with Joe to TOPRA members.

What do I do now?

Email to request a free 30-minute telephone or video conference consultation.

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This offer is exclusive to TOPRA members only. Explore which type of membership is the right fit for you here.