Rules of TOPRA membership

  1. Persons are admitted to membership of TOPRA in accordance with the criteria in force at the time of application. These criteria may be varied from time to time, such changes approved by the membership at a General Meeting. The assessment of an application of membership is based on the information supplied by the applicant, whose responsibility it is to ensure the details provided are accurate and correct. In the event of this information being shown to be incorrect at the time the application was made, membership will be withdrawn with immediate effect. Re-instatement of membership will require a new application.

  2. If a member, through activities in a professional capacity, or through criminal activities in a personal capacity is considered to have brought the profession of regulatory affairs into disrepute, The Board, in its absolute discretion, may cancel the membership of that individual until such time that the member can supply information to show that membership may be re-instated.

  3. Registered Members or Fellows are permitted to use the designation `MTOPRA’ or `FTOPRA’ respectively. Use of these designations by persons who have not been accepted into these categories is strictly forbidden.

  4. Membership of TOPRA is conditional upon the payment of the annual subscription in a timely manner and is non transferable to other individuals (regardless of whether paid for by the individual or the employer). Members who do not pay within 1 month of the joining/renewal date will be considered to have cancelled their membership. Re-instatement of membership will require a new application in such cases, together with the payment of a full year’s fee. No refunds of membership subscriptions are available after 1 month of the joining date. 

  5. Members who participate in Committees and working parties on behalf of TOPRA are acting on behalf of The Board and all the members. They therefore must conduct themselves in such a way as not to discredit the organisation or its members. Approaches on behalf of TOPRA to third parties must be made using TOPRA stationery.

  6. The Board will assign budgets to all committees and working parties and all members thereof will be required to operate within these budgets. No member may enter into financial agreements with third parties which are not anticipated by these budgets. Members must ensure that they have the appropriate authority to commit to expenditure on behalf of TOPRA. Members who operate outside their authority may be held to be personally liable. If you need further guidance on this point, please contact the TOPRA office.

  7. TOPRA will pay reasonable travel or subsistence expenses to members working on behalf of the organisation, on the production of an authorised expense form accompanied by valid VAT receipts for all expenditure, in accordance with the expenses policy in place at the time that the expense was incurred.

  8. The TOPRA offices and Business Centre are open to all members. Equipment and materials may not be removed from these premises without permission of a member of The Board or the Executive Director. TOPRA reserves the right to charge members for any damage caused by them while on the premises. TOPRA accepts no liability for loss or injury sustained while visiting the offices.

  9. Members who travel on TOPRA business are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are adequately insured for their journey, either under policies held by TOPRA or under personal or employer’s insurance. Insurance for personal effects is the responsibility of the member. If there is any doubt, the office should be consulted.

  10. The role of the regulatory professional is dependant upon the observance of confidentiality of the information. Persons found to be in breach of confidentiality requirements of their employer may have their TOPRA membership revoked. TOPRA members are not permitted to disclose details of any other member, including addresses, to third parties, and must treat the business affairs of the organisation as confidential.

  11. The name of TOPRA may not be used in any personal or corporate advertising without prior agreement of The Board.

  12. Delegates may apply for TOPRA membership at the time of booking in order to take advantage of preferential rates. However in the event that the delegate cancels attendance at the meeting, the membership fee is not refundable

NB: ‘The Board’ means the duly elected Board of Directors of TOPRA.