What role will TOPRA play?

TOPRA Executive Director (2004 – 2019)

When TOPRA was established it was to give a forum for regulatory professionals to share practical information with each other, so that they could each perform their roles more effectively – this is formally described in the Constitution as part of our ‘Purposes’:

  • To establish professional identity and standards for regulatory affairs personnel
  • To promote education and science in regulatory affairs
  • To advance the professional competency of members.

In the regulatory world of 2020 so eloquently described by my colleagues these Purposes still stand true; but the way TOPRA will fulfil them in future must adapt to changing times.

Regulatory professionals must be able to adapt to innovative approaches to data collection, analysis and decision-making; they must be confident working in a digital environment yet never lose sight of the importance of networks and relationships.

TOPRA will continue to provide world-class education and training to a clearly defined and internationally accepted competency framework which takes account of the needs of 2020 professionals. We will use the most modern tools available – but will never forget the personal touch. In the changing world order, to have competences which are transferable to different environments and which have been independently verified will be increasingly important. TOPRA will act as the flag-bearer of regulatory standards globally and provide mechanisms for individuals and educators to demonstrate the high standards they have achieved. And we will continue to promote access and diversity in this wonderful profession as it takes an increasingly central and strategic role in healthcare delivery.