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Considering a career in Regulatory Affairs? Join TOPRA today to build your knowledge and networks.

Why become a Student Member of TOPRA?

Few, if any, undergraduate courses offer sufficient information on regulatory processes to allow graduates to move directly into regulatory affairs.

However, many employers want to see that a candidate has knowledge of regulatory systems and some experience in other aspects of healthcare before considering placing them in a regulatory role.

By joining TOPRA you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals and extend your knowledge
  • Gain information on the latest regulatory issues with online access to the respected monthly journal Regulatory Rapporteur plus a range of other web-based services
  • Learn what a career in regulatory affairs entails and whether it interests you
  • Receive discounts on conferences and training courses
  • Be part of a network of potential employers, mentors and career opportunities
  • Get involved in TOPRA's Young Professionals Member Network.


Student membership is available to those in full-time education or who have completed full-time education no more than one calendar year previously, and have not commenced employment in regulatory affairs.

NB: If you are a part-time student, you must apply for the standard Member package.

Member benefit Student member
Regulatory Rapporteur Online (with digital archive)
Member networks (SPINS & TOPRA In groups)
Volunteering at the Annual Symposium (free access)
Member Discounts on courses and webinars
Free Member Webinars (hosted by SPINS & TOPRA In groups)
Careers fair complimentary pass
Careers advice – ½ hour Skype session
Free RA Careers webinar


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Annual fees

  Fee in GBP (£)
Member, Registered Member or Fellow
Membership until 31 December 2019 £210
Concessionary membership*
Until 31 December 2019
Retired Member or Fellow
Until 31 December 2019
Student Member**
Until 31 December 2019


(All subscription fees run on an annual basis from 1 January to 31 December each year. Fees are not dependent on date of joining and therefore not prorated.)

* Concessions are available for members who are unemployed, on maternity leave or on a career break.

** Full-time (undergraduate and post graduate) students in any discipline and those who are in the first full year after leaving university and not currently in a regulatory job can become student members.