The healthcare regulatory landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. TOPRA has adapted to the challenges of a fast-moving technological environment and members’ changing expectations.

Individuals and businesses now conduct most of their activities online. TOPRA’s comprehensive member engagement database and portal allows members to become part of an online regulatory community. This enables members to manage their membership online; interact with their colleagues in Special Interest communities; access resources, such as Regulatory Rapporteur; register on courses; and now record their continuing professional development.

As a membership organisation, TOPRA’s primary role is to support its members. It does this by investing in its support team which includes a mix of highly experienced regulatory professionals and personnel from a background in association management, who have the skills and experience to provide responsive and relevant services to members. Leading the organisation is the TOPRA Board who are regulatory professionals elected by members with support from many teams of member volunteers involved across all TOPRA activities.

Listening to members

TOPRA 2020 is a culmination of members and stakeholders’ feedback and suggestions. It sets out broad strategic and practical objectives for the next three years – a time period that will see major political, technological and economic challenges to the regulatory environment in Europe but also across the world.

Our commitment:

Integrated professional development pathways

In order to support and promote the development of professional excellence, TOPRA’s framework of continuing professional development opportunities for members at all stages of their careers will continue to expand. With transparent signposting of all the qualifications, conferences, courses, eLearning, webinars and networking opportunities members can plan their own career pathway according to their own circumstances.

Bespoke membership communities and offerings

Whatever a member’s specialty or organisation, TOPRA has relevant off erings across a broad-based regulatory community. As TOPRA’s online platforms develop, members will shape their own membership off ering so that it is truly bespoke.

Asking members for their views and feedback is not an empty exercise and new services are introduced or developed accordingly. Responsiveness to both individual member needs and the demands of a challenging global and business environment ensures TOPRA maintains and builds its relevance in the healthcare regulatory sector.

Governance for the 21st century

In an increasingly digital environment some aspects of TOPRA’s governance arrangements need to take account of the modern demands of 21st century business practices and standards. TOPRA is proposing a number of constitutional changes to help meet members’ needs both now and the future – without affecting its underlying principles and Purposes.