TOPRA gives a voice to the global healthcare regulatory profession, enabling legislators and opinion leaders to access the best possible information from among our diverse membership, which in turn strengthens healthcare regulation for everyone.

TOPRA provides a neutral platform for discussions across a wide range of disciplines that input into the regulatory environment. This enables opinion leaders, including regulators, to share the expertise of our members, and help shape the future of regulation so that it serves patients and consumers effectively.

Senior regulatory professionals and Fellows often want to give back to the profession. TOPRA offers opportunities to share expertise via working parties on a wider scale and the chance to interact at a one-to-one level with less experienced regulatory professionals through mentorship.

Regulatory Rapporteur

TOPRA’s peer-reviewed journal, Regulatory Rapporteur, is well-respected and widely read by members and the profession in general. Its content provides up-to-date information and analysis of the key regulatory issues and developments, oft en contributed by regulators and key opinion leaders.

Our commitment:

Developing thought leadership

Sharing of ideas with peers at high-level conferences, roundtables and networking events helps develop informed opinions and regulatory leaders for the future. TOPRA’s conferences with regulatory partners such as the Heads of Medicines Agencies and European Commission, allow a two-way conversation between those developing new regulations and those who will be implementing them.

Driving regulatory science

Regulatory scientists are at the heart of delivering accelerated approval initiatives, such as PRIME, working with sophisticated new technologies and scientifi c tools. TOPRA is committed to supporting those in leading edge roles by off ering fora for high-level technical discussions, such as the Annual Summits and Horizons conferences and relevant CPD opportunities.

Representing the profession

TOPRA gives voice to individual regulatory professionals contributing to regulatory consultations from a professional perspective rather than a company or commercial view.

TOPRA’s participation into relevant industry and regulatory groups feeds into discussions on the impact of political decisions, such as the UK leaving the EU, on regulatory professionals both in the UK and Europe.

On an individual level, TOPRA commits to research to keep members in touch with issues related to their careers, salary levels and job prospects.