TOPRA welcomes regulatory professionals wherever they live and work. We have members from all over the world – in more than 50 countries. It is our ambition to double our international membership over the next three years.

TOPRA members reflect the global healthcare regulatory profession and share a common interest in European regulatory affairs and come together to discuss EU-wide regulatory issues. Many members also appreciate the opportunity to network with their peers in national TOPRA In groups to address local issues.

A global perspective

TOPRA has always had an international focus, working with many partners to deliver conferences and courses from Singapore to Washington DC. TOPRA is now working with organisations committed to building regulatory capacity in emerging markets, particularly India and Africa.

TOPRA’s fi rst conference in India in 2017 focused on harmonisation, capability building and the latest trends; it attracted delegates from across the continent.

Our commitment:

Greater access for all

Supporting regulatory professionals through membership is a priority for TOPRA. Although increases in numbers are important, greater engagement and participation are even more so – to enable members to support each other and help shape and improve the global healthcare environment.

TOPRA In groups are central to a dynamic member-led organisation. So too, are online communities and Special Interest Networks (SPINs), which enable sharing of information and expertise with peers in a safe professional environment.

TOPRA will also be expanding its programme of meetings and conferences across Europe, North America and Asia.

Digital outreach

TOPRA’s online services can be accessed at any time. Investment in our website is ongoing to ensure visitors and members alike can quickly seek the information or service they require. The public pages cover the role of regulatory affairs and highlight its importance to a wider audience. Behind the public face is much, much more for members.

TOPRA uses technological advances to improve the online experience for members, such as developing mobile responsive websites.

Celebrating diversity

TOPRA is a signatory to the Science Council’s Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, which commits us to putting diversity at the heart of all we do. TOPRA’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is clearly visible and actively supported.