TOPRA helps members perform to the highest level and supports their professional development through all stages of their careers. Projects on regulatory competences, educational pathways and professional accreditation have culminated in a clear exposition of all career stages from student to thought-leader.

Attracting future professionals

TOPRA offers student membership, reaches out to schools and universities and engages students in TOPRA activities, such as presenting a poster at the Annual Symposium.

In a drive to widen access into the regulatory profession, TOPRA is taking a lead in the UK Apprenticeships Initiative by developing a Regulatory Affairs Standard – that will also be of value to help benchmark regulatory training internationally.

Delivering regulatory qualifications

TOPRA’s postgraduate programmes have seen hundreds of regulatory professionals achieve a worthwhile qualification – from certificate, to diploma or MSc Regulatory Affairs.

A new flexible MSc RA with additional module choices is now available. Students will be able to specialise in either pharmaceutical RA or Medical Devices RA – or combine modules from both specialties, meeting the growing need for regulatory training in drug-device combination products.

Sound research is a driver for any scientific sector – and regulatory science is no different. TOPRA now offers an opportunity to study at PhD level and contribute to the body of regulatory knowledge.

Our commitment:

Recognising regulatory excellence on a world stage

TOPRA raises the profile of healthcare regulatory affairs across the healthcare sector, across society and across the world – with the prestigious Awards for Regulatory Excellence Programme, which was established in 2010.

Each year the Programme receives nominations from all over the world – from Cuba to Australia, from Finland to South Africa; from individuals and teams based in agencies to industry, from big pharma to SMEs, from academics to NGOs; and representing all regulatory specialties, including medical devices and veterinary medicines.

Setting professional standards

TOPRA’s Statement of Values, signed up to by all members, is at the core of all activities. The public rightly expects healthcare regulatory professionals to work to high standards. TOPRA engages with a wide range of stakeholders, particularly patient groups, to enable access to innovative medicines and treatments in a timely, effective and safe way that meets patients’ needs.

TOPRA offers regulatory training accreditation to universities and other providers as well providing accredited bespoke face-to-face or online training to organisations available on an international basis.

Facilitating personal accreditation

TOPRA is building on its continuing professional development offering to support and prepare regulatory professionals throughout their career.

TOPRA is refining its framework of competencies reflecting levels of practice so individual professionals can use it evaluate their performance – and identify their CPD needs in order to move onto the next level.

By 2020 members will access a comprehensive range of personal accreditation opportunities that will extend beyond national borders.