MSc Regulatory Affairs (Medical Devices)

TOPRA has developed an exciting new MSc in Medical Devices. It provides the opportunity for people to combine modules in both pharmaceutical and medical technology regulatory affairs, something that might be particularly beneficial for those interested in drug-device combination products, as well as consultants and members who are in the early stages of their career and wish to have a foot in both camps.

To join the programme, please contact Kay, our postgraduate administrator.

About the MSc

Both our MSc Regulatory affairs (Medical Devices) and MSc Regulatory affairs (Medicines) have been validated by the University of Hertfordshire. Students may be eligible for a distinction or commendation, depending on their final results on completion of their studies, after a maximum time period of six years. More

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for the programme normally specify a Science degree (at the equivalent of a 2.2 or above) and that the student has obtained basic knowledge about regulatory affairs processes, documentation in the healthcare industry and has professional skills which include attention to detail, organisation and communication in an area of healthcare product development and lifecycle management. Read more about TOPRA MSc entry requirements.


Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about the TOPRA MSc, you could find the answer on our FAQ page.


Experiences of the MSc

Some of our graduates and module leaders talk about their experiences of the Regulatory Affairs MSc.

Upcoming modules

Begin DateTitleDescription
08/02/2021Drug–Device Combinations and Other TechnologiesModule 18 of the MSc and Masterclass: This module will enable you to consider and evaluate the practical regulatory aspects including the design, development and lifecycle of a medical device product.MC1820210
03/03/2021US Regulation of Medical DevicesModule 21 of the MSc and Masterclass: this will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the US regulatory procedures for medical devices, to enable you to make recommendations about regulatory strategy for the US market.MC212021O
01/12/2021Data Management and Digitalisation in Regulatory AffairsModule 12 of the MSc and Masterclass: This Masterclass will provide you with  the theoretical background to data management, document management, electronic submissions, eCompliance regulatory information management and the new identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) requirements, and find solutions to practical problems in this area. Deal with large volumes of data and deal with different data (from nonclinical to post-market pharmacovigilance).MSCM1221NE

Terms and conditions

Booking conditions for the MSc Regulatory Affairs modules.