TOPRA is a signatory to the Science Council's Diversity Declaration. This commits us to putting diversity at the heart of all we do as an organisation, and to consider the importance of diversity for the regulatory affairs profession.

Key Diversity areas TOPRA focuses on:

  • Actively promoting regulatory affairs as a profession that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ensuring that our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is clearly visible and actively supported.
  • Ensuring we collect information on equality, diversity and inclusion issues that relates to our membership for the purposes of our role as a member organisation and to our staff for the purposes of our employment role.

If you would like to find out more, or become involved in the TOPRA Diversity working party, please email our Volunteering team.

Diversity Committee

Our Diversity Committee, whose chair is appointed by our Board, which collects data, evaluates our position and decides on steps we need to take to improve. The committee updates TOPRA members on new initiatives throughout the year in our monthly InTouch newsletter.

TOPRA has many initiatives aimed at improving access in the regulatory profession and ensuring equal opportunities for all. We've begun research to identify where there are issues, and members will be asked to contribute.

Lynda Wight, TOPRA Executive Director, on diversity:

TOPRA is an open organisation and wants to be sure that all regulatory professionals, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, geographical location or physical capability, can take advantage of our member services and training or volunteering opportunities. We will identify any areas in which there are barriers and address them, and hope that our members will feel able to tell us where we could do better.

  Bob Clay, TOPRA President 2017, on diversity:

Ensuring access and successful career development for talented, creative and strategic scientists to our profession — which is one which uses all those talents — is an important part of TOPRA’s work.

By promoting equality, diversity and inclusion the Science Council and its member bodies will create greater opportunities for any individual to fulfil their scientific potential, irrespective of their background or circumstances. In so doing it will also help science to better serve society by attracting the widest possible talent to the science workforce and fostering a greater diversity of scientific ideas, research and technology.


Case studies

We asked some of our members what diversity means to them:

"As managers, we must advance equality of opportunities between people, building relationships along the way to gain an understanding and mutual respect of others."

Nicole Small, MTOPRA
Team Manager

"We miss out on really good people when we decide to put them into boxes."

Anna Somuyiwa, MTOPRA
Associate Director



"Having a diverse and varied workforce made up of different sexes, nationalities, backgrounds and abilities opens the door to understanding the regulators in different countries."

Majella Ryan, MTOPRA

"I think regulatory affairs is a diverse field by nature, there is no standard way or degree that gets you into the profession."

Dr Ngoc-Tri Vo
Regulatory Affairs Manager


"Diversity is more than simply equality across races, cultures, genders; it is bringing a range of different backgrounds and ideas together in order to strengthen a team or organisation."

Alix Alderman, MTOPRA
Senior Director

"Throughout my career I have worked with people from all over the world, learning about differences in cultures and expectations and ways of doing things."

Hina Dixit, MTOPRA
Regulatory Manager

"Having a team of professionals coming from different walks of life will help transform team dynamics."

Francesca Buttigieg, MTOPRA
Regulatory Affairs Manager