What we do

Our vision

Enabling and promoting excellence in the healthcare regulatory profession.

Our mission

To represent and promote the global healthcare regulatory profession; and to provide members with top-quality, relevant support with a European focus.

What we do

  • We represent and promote the global healthcare regulatory profession, enabling legislators and other opinion leaders to access the best possible information and advice from among our diverse membership, which in turn strengthens healthcare regulation for everyone.
  • We provide our members with top-quality, relevant support with a European focus.  We support them throughout their careers to help them perform to the highest level and to help retain the brightest and the best within the profession.

What does that mean in practice?

To do all this, we must run an effective and independent membership organisation with the widest possible cross-section of expertise and experience.

Networking and debate

We provide independent space in which members from different sectors can network, talk freely and share expertise – both face-to-face and online.  We host roundtable debates on topical issues so that we can hear the views of our members and then publish information on the subject to inform wider debate.

Influencing policy

We have regular meetings and discussion with legislators and other opinion formers to share the expertise of our members, and help shape the future of regulation so that it serves patients and consumers effectively.


The public has a right to expect that regulatory professionals work to high standards, so we produce guidance for our members and encourage them to participate in continuing professional development.  We run our own training and development programmes at all levels to support this, including a formal MSc postgraduate programme.


Finally, we keep our members informed of developments in regulatory matters by drawing together and publishing useful information in an easily accessible and digestible form.

Who are our members?

Our members are individuals working in regulatory affairs all over the world. They come from a range of healthcare sectors including regulatory bodies, academia, regulatory affairs consultancies, the pharmaceutical and health technology industries, clinical research organisations and many others.

What you can expect from TOPRA

Whoever you are - a regulatory professional, a policy-maker, a member of the general public, or someone else - you can expect TOPRA to:

  1. Be independent, representing our members as individuals irrespective of who they work for
  2. Speak out on regulatory affairs issues, in the interests of the whole profession
  3. Act proactively and keep on top of regulatory affairs developments
  4. Base our advice on robust evidence, just as our members have to in their work
  5. Support our members in making the best possible contribution to their profession
  6. Encourage the development of a community of expertise amongst our members by helping them work effectively together
  7. Collaborate with others where we have a shared agenda
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Articles of Association

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