Cast your vote: TOPRA Board Elections

The deadline for nominations for Board positions for the 2018 session has now passed.

By the due date, one nomination was received for President-Elect, and seven for the four vacant Director positions. We would like to thank all candidates for their willingness to play their part in taking TOPRA forward.

In order to help you make your selection, the candidates have provided a brief summary of their intentions in standing for election (click on each candidate’s name in the tables below).

Candidates for President-Elect

Nick Sykes
Judith Creba Stuart Comlay Russell Malone

As there has been only one candidate nominated for this position, there will be no need for an election.

Candidates for Director Positions

Aileen Fisher
Jonathan Trethowan Bob Clay Angela Stokes
Sharon Gorman
Stuart Comlay Nick Sykes Sylvia Lobo
Elizabeth Madichie
Alistair Davidson Leona Fitzgerald James McCormick
Antonio Monteiro
Joseph Irwin Aidan Burton Marianna Richard
Anne Nallen
Birgit Roser Regina Wolf Will Drury
Shaun Stapleton
Tacye Connolly Helen Erwood Jason Collins
Owen Vaughan
Kathy Quin Andrew Germain Rohit Malhotra

YOUR vote is needed!

TOPRA invites ALL current and paid-up Members, Registered Members and Fellows to be part of the decision-making and to cast their votes. Please note that Student members and Honorary Life members are not eligible to vote.

You can vote for up to four different candidates for the Director positions. Please enter your TOPRA Member ID when casting your vote (if you don’t know what yours is, please check the email we sent to members on 16/08/17 or contact us).




Your vote will only be counted if you use a valid TOPRA Membership ID. If you vote more than once, only your first vote will be counted.

The deadline for votes is 18.00 BST on Monday 25 September. Votes cast after this time will not be counted.


Results of the Election will be announced at the TOPRA Annual Review Meeting at our Annual Symposium in October.