Regulatory Rapporteur December 2020
Focus: TOPRA Annual Symposium 2020 - The evolving world or regulatory affairs: innovate regulation or regulate innovation?
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Regulatory Rapporteur December 2020MEMBERS
Medical Devices / IVDs Symposium: Post-market surveillanceMEMBERS
TOPRA Symposium: Symposium in picturesMEMBERS
Medical Devices / IVDs Symposium: Preparing for the IVDRMEMBERS
TOPRA Symposium: Innovation and regulation in the interface of medicines, medical devices and companion diagnosticsMEMBERS
Human Medicines Symposium: Regulatory support to research and developmentMEMBERS
Human Medicines Symposium: Driving the healthcare regulatory system into the futureMEMBERS
Human Medicines Symposium: Innovation in clinical trialsMEMBERS
Medical Devices / IVDs Symposium: Software as a medical deviceMEMBERS
Human Medicines Symposium: What can we learn for prospective evidence planning?MEMBERS
Medical Devices / IVDs Symposium: Clinical evidence: an evident challengeMEMBERS
Veterinary Medicines Symposium: Challenges of responding to new disease outbreaksMEMBERS
Veterinary Medicines Regulation: Opportunities of global regulatory convergenceMEMBERS
TOPRA Symposium: Combination Products - How to regulate and innovateMEMBERS
Veterinary Medicines Symposium: Regulation versus innovationMEMBERS
Human Medicines Symposium: The expansion of regulatory innovation in other marketsMEMBERS
Veterinary Medicines Symposium: Practical implementation of the new vet regulationMEMBERS
Veterinary Medicines Symposium: Parallel strategic developments in the EU regulatory networkMEMBERS
Medical Devices / IVDs Symposium: General update on MDR and IVDRMEMBERS
Human Medicines Symposium: Orphan and paediatric policy updatesMEMBERS