Membership categories

Anyone working in or interested in regulatory affairs can become a TOPRA member.

Types of TOPRA Membership:

  1. Student Membership – this offers free membership to those studying a full-time under or post graduate qualification
  2. Graduate Membership – you may qualify for a discounted membership rate if you are a working and studying for a part-time under or post graduate qualification
  3. Member – this is for established professionals working regulatory affairs who do not meet the Register Member (MTOPRA) criteria
  4. Member – Emerging Markets - this offers a discounted rate for those who are based in low to middle income countries and working in or interested in regulatory affairs
  5. Registered Member (MTOPRA) – At least two years of full-time experience practising as a healthcare regulatory professional and meet the eligibility criteria
  6. Fellow (FTOPRA) – At least 10 years of experience in regulatory affairs. See criteria and application

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Become a TOPRA Fellow

TOPRA Members with at least 10 years of experience in regulatory affairs who have made a significant contribution to the profession can be nominated by their peers to become Fellows.

Did you know we have two routes to Fellowship?

  1. Self nomination
  2. Nomination by another TOPRA member

When can I apply or nominate someone else?

You can apply at any time of the year and your application will be put forward to the Fellowship Appointment Panel. All approved applications are put forward to the Board, who meet every two months.

What are the next steps?

The Fellowship Appointment Panel reviews all nominations and puts forward candidates to the Board for ratification.

Those accepted for Fellowship have all the benefits of membership, including voting rights, and are entitled to use the designation FTOPRA.

Do I need to pay an administration fee for a Fellowship application?

No, we currently do not charge any administration fees for Fellowship. All Fellows must renew their membership each year as per registered members/members.

What are the criteria?

  1. 10 years RA experience
  2. Evidence of significant contribution to the profession
  3. Two referees (1 TOPRA member + 1 Fellow or 1 TOPRA Member + 1 TOPRA Member with at least 10 years RA experience*)

If you do not know any current Fellows, see our list of current TOPRA Fellows  (member-only access). Alternatively, please email TOPRA’s Membership team.

Please note, the criteria linked to referees has been updated in 2021 to allow applications to be supported by 2 TOPRA Members, instead of 1 TOPRA Member + 1 TOPRA Fellow. If you apply with 2 TOPRA Members as your referees, please make sure 1 of those TOPRA Members has at least 10 years’ RA experience.

Case studies:

Niamh Lawler-TurnerFor me, being a Fellow of TOPRA is recognition of my voluntary contribution to the profession, both as a Board member and as a Working Party member . ... If you fell that somebody deserves this achievement, I would strongly recommend nominating your colleague.”


– Niamh Lawler-Turner, FTOPRA

FTOPRA Case Studies

Benefits of this membership type

Information services
Regulatory Rapporteur - monthly journal
Regulatory Rapporteur - online (with digital archive)  
Quarterly CPD supplements with Regulatory Rapporteur  
InTouch monthly member newsletter
VetMed Upate - monthly email newsletter 
MedDev Update - monthly email newsletter 
Life-Lines - fortnightly newsletter on Brexit and legal matters
Daily news feed on latest developments in pharmaceuticals (PharmaTimes)
Discounted access to MedBoard, an integrated medical device information platform
Member engagement   
SPINs - networks for members with shared professional interests
TOPRA In regional and country groups for networking and discussions
Free SPIN/TOPRA In events & webinars
Consultations from key stakeholders in regulatory affairs
Volunteering opportunities  
Governance - standing or voting in TOPRA Board Elections
Career support  
Member discounts on courses & webinars 
CPD recording tool 
Careers advice - 1/2 hour telephone or video conference session   
Free RA careers webinar  
Post-nominals: FTOPRA   
Digital badge  
Apply for professional accreditation: Chartered Scientist (CSci)  
Commercial services  
Discounted meeting rooms at TOPRA HQ London   


What’s stopping you? Nominate yourself or a colleague today:

FTOPRA – The recognition you deserve

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Annual fees

  Fee in GBP (£)
Individual Member, Registered Member or Fellow
Until 31 December

Individual Member - Graduate   
Until 31 December
Individual Member – Emerging Markets
Until 31 December

Concessionary membership*
Until 31 December

Retired Member or Fellow
Until 31 December

Student Member**
Until 31 December


* Concessions are available for members who are unemployed, on maternity or paternity leave, or on a career break.

** Full-time student in any discipline.

Note: All subscription fees run on an annual basis from 1 January to 31 December each year. Fees are not dependent on date of joining and therefore not prorated.