MSc Regulatory Affairs (Medicines)

About the MSc

TOPRA is pleased to announce that our MSc Regulatory Affairs has been validated by the University of Hertfordshire.

The two MSc titles are MSc Regulatory affairs (Medicines) and MSc Regulatory affairs (Medical Devices).

Students may be eligible for a distinction or commendation, depending on their final results on completion of their studies, after a maximum time period of six years.

Entry requirements

To be admitted to the MSc, candidates will normally need to have 2 years’ experience in regulatory affairs and hold a science degree or equivalent. Read more about TOPRA MSc entry requirements.

Forms and documentation

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about the TOPRA MSc, you could find the answer on our FAQ page.

You can also contact Kay Wood, our postgraduate programmes administrator, for more details.


TOPRA MSc fees guide 2018-2019
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Experiences of the MSc

Some of our graduates and module leaders talk about their experiences of the Regulatory Affairs MSc.

Upcoming modules

Begin DateTitleDescription
06/11/2018Autumn Introductory Course 2018A standalone introduction to Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (also Module 0 - 7FHH1097 of the MSc Regulatory Affairs programme).IC218
26/09/2018Regulatory Strategy From Development To the Market PlaceModule 6 of the MSc: This masterclass module will enable you to consider and evaluate the practical regulatory aspects of regulatory strategy for commercialising products and maintaining the brand from the development stages to registration and throughout the product lifecycle and explore and critically debate the regulatory issues likely to arise prior to and during commercialising of products in order to be able to provide effective advice on such situations.MSCM62018
28/11/2018Data for Abridged Applications and Specialised ProductsModule 8 of the MSc: This module will enable you to consider and evaluate the practical regulatory aspects of regulatory strategy and data requirements for abridged applications (generics), specialised products (herbals, drug/device combination, radiopharmaceutics, cosmetics, inhalation and  blood products) and strategic issues of  abridged US options.MSCM82018

Terms and conditions

Booking conditions for the MSc Regulatory Affairs modules.

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