Sponsoring the Awards

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Connect with the sector's top business leaders

The prestigious Awards for Regulatory Excellence provide global recognition and kudos for the healthcare regulatory affairs profession – both within the specialty and across all pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical device and governmental organisations concerned with delivering safe, effective and innovative treatments and diagnostics to patients everywhere.

This annual programme begins in March when nominations to the nine categories can be submitted, through to the summer when the judging takes place and finalists are revealed in September. Winners are announced in November at a spectacular Awards Ceremony and Dinner which attracts an audience of leading regulatory influencers and emerging stars of the profession.

Align your brand with regulatory excellence, innovation and success – and raise your standing in this exceptional audience. Sponsors raise their profile with global business leaders, key influencers and nascent leaders. Be present at the regulatory celebration of the year. Bring your colleagues and clients to share this unmissable event!

A months-long association with regulatory excellence for your brand

Your contribution as a sponsor will help to create a truly memorable evening for the nominees and attendees. But it’s not just a one-off opportunity to raise your profile – sign up before March to gain the most advantage from your support of the Awards for Regulatory Excellence.

Marketing, branding and sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Your brand included in high-profile consistent advertising, direct mail, e-mail marketing and promotional material, coverage and branding on the Awards website, on social media, and in editorial coverage, before, during and after the ceremony
  • Seats or a branded table at the event, depending on the chosen package.

Sponsorship packages

Category Sponsorship – £7,500

  • Your logo and name in all pre-event publicity, including awards promotions in our Regulatory Rapporteur journal, InTouch member newsletter editorial, on the corporate TOPRA website and the Awards website, other publicity and press releases throughout the year
  • A banner ad for use on your email signatures or website in your own publicity aligning with the Awards programme
  • Digital branding at the event
  • Your logo on the photo backdrop for all winners’ photos
  • Company representative to present the Award for your chosen category, creating a media and photo opportunity
  • Discount on seats at the ceremony
  • Exclusive pop-up stand (approximate dimensions 2m high x 1m wide) for your chosen category, placed prominently at at the Symposium Exhibition, can be placed near your stand if applicable.
  • Your company logo on the dinner menu
  • Souvenir photograph of your representative presenting the Award
  • Presence and photo of the Award presentation in the post-event InTouch
  • Mention in social media press releases following the event
  • First refusal on subsequent years to repeat sponsor a category

Awards Champions – £3,750

  • Your logo and name in pre-event publicity, both print and online throughout the year
  • Your profile and logo on the Awards website
  • Opportunity to adapt and build your own tailored sponsorship package
  • Discount on seats at the ceremony places
  • Identification on pop-up stands as an Awards for Regulatory Affairs Champion — prominently displayed at the Symposium
  • Your logo on the photo backdrop for all winners’ photos
  • Digital branding at the event
  • Your company logo on the dinner menu
  • Thank you and acknowledgement in the Awards presentation slides and script
  • Souvenir photographs of your team at the ceremony
  • Identification as a Regulatory Awards Champion in the post-event InTouch member newsletter

To book a package or discuss your options further, please contact Erik Smit on erik@topra.org or +44 (0)20 7510 2560.