Sponsored: Centralised Procedure - smooth path to submission

Sponsored: Centralised Procedure - smooth path to submission
FREE SPONSORED WEBINAR -  A smooth path to submission via the Centralised Procedure: lessons from 20 years of translating product information.

20 June - 14.00-15.00 BST

This webinar covers:
A walk-through of the CP, and when you need translation.
Watching out for ‘untranslatables’ in your English PI.
Making sure your high-quality English PI is not ‘lost in translation’.
When DIY is OK, and when it isn’t.
Managing the Linguistic Review - effective translation management and when to push back.

Target audience:
Regulatory Affairs Professionals involved in MAAs via the Centralised Procedure.
Labelling professionals.


Craig Brown – VP Life Sciences at DWL (A BIG Language Solutions Company) - Craig has 14 years’ experience in the language services industry while at several successful LSPs, including many years managing translations for European Marketing Authorisation Applications. As part of BIG Language Solutions, he helps siloed organisations of all sizes to unify their translation needs within one secure, effective solution.

Eleni Andreou – Strategic Account Executive at DWL (A BIG Language Solutions Company)

This webinar is sponsored by  DWL.

Disclaimer: Whilst TOPRA is running this webinar for DWL, this is not an endorsement of DWL, DWL's affiliates, employees or its products and services. TOPRA is also not responsible for the content or views expressed during the webinar.

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20/06/2023 14:00 - 15:00
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