Chartered Scientist Registration

What is Chartered Scientist?
Chartered Scientist is a professional registration that recognises a high level of skill and experience independent of discipline. It provides recognition for professional practice and experience and thus complements the academic qualifications you might also have. Typically professionals need to have been working for 4-6 years to achieve this and must either have a Masters level qualification or be able to demonstrate that they are working at this level.

As it is independent of scientific discipline it provides parity across the different scientific careers. It is based on 15 broad scientific competencies and to apply you need to demonstrate and evidence how you meet all of these competencies in your daily work.

Chartered Scientist is accepted for the purposes of directive 2005/36/EC as a regulated profession with the Science Council appointed as the Competent Authority. The Directive works on the basic principle that an individual fully qualified to practice a regulated profession in one member state should be treated, in principle, as qualified to practice that same profession in another Member State. 

How do I apply? 
To apply for Chartered Scientist, you must:
  • Be a member of TOPRA
  • Complete the CSci application form 
  • Make payment via this webpage - simply loginor create an account and click the 'register' button below.
  • Email all relevant documents and evidence of your payment to

Registration fee £75+VAT
Renewal fee   £60 

Terms and condition
Payment must be received in full prior to the application submission. You must pay each invoice we issue within 30 days starting on the date issued. Once payment has been submitted, you will have 60 days to submit an application form. If you no longer wish to submit an application, you must notify TOPRA in writing ( within 60 days of payment so a refund can be issued. After 60 days, no applications for refunds will be accepted.

To maintain your Chartered Scientist registration you need to:


  • Maintain your TOPRA membership
  • Submit your CPD record each year via the TOPRA online CPD recording tool
  • Pay your annual renewal fee of £60 in addition to the TOPRA membership fee
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