Jonathan Trethowan | TOPRA Awards Judge

European Operations Director - International Pharmaceutical Quality

With a BSc in Biotechnology and PhD in Biochemistry, Jonathan began his career at GSK as a protein scientist where he was involved in the design and development of downstream processing steps for therapeutic proteins (monoclonal antibodies).


In 1997, Jonathan moved into Regulatory Affairs after joining ML Laboratories and by 2001, he had established his own regulatory affairs consultancy, TRAC Services. Having developed an excellent team of Regulatory Professionals and an extensive international client base, TRAC Services joined the PharmaLex Group in 2017 where Jonathan took the role of Vice President Regulatory and Scientific Policy until he decided to leave the organisation in November 2019. He has recently joined the team at International Pharmaceutical Quality (IPQ) as their European Operations Director.IPQ are a publication with a mission to advance and harmonise the quality regulatory process globally.


Jonathan’s initiatives to train and develop his own regulatory team have been ground-breaking and in 2016, led to TRAC being shortlisted for the TOPRA Education Award. His efforts to ensure there are better opportunities available to regulatory affairs professionals continues through his membership of TOPRA’s Apprenticeship and DiversityWorking Parties. 

In recognition of his contribution to TOPRA and within the field of Regulatory Affairs, Jonathan was elected a Fellow of TOPRA in 2011. In 2014 he served as TOPRA’s President.


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