The Communication Award recognises regulatory affairs professionals who have successfully conveyed complex healthcare messages to a broader audience. This can include the dissemination of information (such as a journal publication, an online article or via social media) on a technical topic, or other ‘professional-to-professional’ communications such as training or SPIN groups.

Examples of good communications relating to the safe delivery of human or veterinary medicines or devices to 'end users', be they patients, healthcare professionals or regulators, are also eligible. The creative use of innovative communication methods is also celebrated by this award.

This award category is open to individuals, teams or organisations.

Nominations may be for a person or team who has:

1. Demonstrated effective communication skills over a variety of projects or has made clear efforts to reach a solution for a particular communication challenge.
2. Overcome significant barriers to communication and innovative approaches in overcoming such barriers.
3. Demonstrated commitment to open communication channels.
4. Provided metrics to define the levels of success of their communication or individual campaign, e.g. timelines, budget, quality, effectiveness of communication (perhaps by demonstrating that the communication achieved the required result in terms of usefulness and clarity).

Nominations may cover any or all of the following:

1. The development of an approach, idea, or practice which enhances the regulatory affairs profession by introducing a better way of conducting business.
2. A publication or piece of research that provides interpretation in a complex regulatory situation.
3. A technological advance in providing solutions to regulatory affairs professionals.
4. Applying the use of social media channels and/or ‘big data’.

Read our Information Pack for more details about the Awards and FAQs.

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Previous winners and finalists

WINNER - VCLS Microbiome Team, France 
FINALIST - DLRC Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR) Team, UK
FINALIST - Leslie Dowling, UK
FINALIST - Abbie Lennox, UK

WINNER - Seamus Moore, Quality & Regulatory Assurance Manager, Mediq, the Netherlands
FINALIST - Jay Shah and the Comms Team, Med-Di-Dia Ltd, Ireland 

WINNER – Harriet Edwards, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Albumedix, UK
FINALIST - Winona Bolislis, Regulatory Science and Policy Manager, Sanofi, France

WINNER - Monir El Azzouzi for The Medical Device made Easy Podcast, CEO, Easy Medical Device GmbH, Switzerland
FINALIST - Michael Day, Senior Director, Regulatory Science and Co-Head, Complex Biologics, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, USA
FINALIST - Regulatory COVID-19 Task Force, led by Louise Hayes (Global Regulatory Lead) and Nafsika Kronidou Horst (Franchise Head Oncology), Roche, Switzerland, UK and USA

WINNER - Martin Harvey Allchurch, Principal International Affairs Officers, EMA, and Governance and Board Relations Manager – External Relations, Unitaid, World Health Organization, Switzerland
FINALIST - Will Drury, Senior Business Associate, Cyton Biosciences Ltd, the Netherlands
FINALIST - Global Regulatory Affairs, EU Regulatory Team, Primary Care Sanofi, France

WINNER - Marjorie Zettler - Cardinal Health, USA
FINALIST - Global Regulatory Affairs Community (GRAC) - PRA Health Sciences, UK
FINALIST - Marie Deneux - VCLS, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, France
FINALIST - Nancy Smerkanich - University of Southern California, USA