Nominee Stories

Jay Shah
Communications Officer, Med-Di-Dia Ltd, Ireland
Communication Award Finalist 2022

In response to the lack of awareness of the changes to the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulations (IVDR), Jay Shah and Med-Di-Dia’s Communications Team introduced an effective communication strategy to inform the MedTech industry.

Q: How did it feel to be nominated? 
It was just another normal working day. My team and I were getting on with our day-to-day activities when an email popped into my inbox, and I read the subject line. It said, ‘TOPRA Awards: you have been nominated’.  

I read on: ‘Congratulations, you are now a nominee for the communications category.’ I remember being overjoyed and everyone asking me: ‘what's happening, what's happening?’ I ended up smiling all day.

Q: What were your highlights from being part of Awards?

The entire journey, right from nomination to the awards night, was a highlight. Unfortunately, I was unable to be at the ceremony, but my team were there and said it was an eventful night of meeting people and networking. 

Q: How did it feel to be a finalist?
When we received our finalist certificate, my eyes sparkled with joy. Everyone was super happy and the team framed the certificate so we could hang it on the office wall. For me, the certificate is not just a piece of paper. 

Seeing it there motivates us and boosts our morale, and reminds us that we are doing a great job and to continue doing that. It’s validated us and demonstrated that all the efforts we are making are going in the right direction and making an impact on the community.

Q: What would you say to encourage people to nominate their colleagues?
If your colleagues or team members are doing something impactful or trying to make a difference within the industry, this is the right platform to highlight their efforts. So don't be shy – go on and nominate them. 

It’s more than just the nomination itself – it is also a morale booster and fantastic motivation to the nominees to continue what they are doing. I have already come across some wonderful people who deserve to be nominated, so I'm looking forward to putting them forward.