TOPRA Board Elections - Candidates and voting

The deadline for nominations for Board positions available in 2020 has now passed. By the due date, three nominations were received for President-Elect, one nomination was submitted for Director with focus on EU, and one nomination was received for Director with focus on North America. Thank you to all members who have put themselves forward and their peers who have supported them.

ALL members (excluding Students, Honorary Members and Honorary Fellows) can now have their say and select who they would like to represent them on the Board in 2021 to take our organisation forward.

Voting is open from 7 August. You have until 17:00 BST (GMT+1) on 28 September to cast your vote.  

You can view the personal statement of each candidate and click on the 'Read full profile' link to read further information submitted in support of their nomination. Please consider all the candidates and then make your choices.

Top tips 

  • Do not simply vote for the person you know
  • Think about what value the candidate will add to the TOPRA Board
  • Consider what particular skills and experience each candidate can bring to TOPRA
  • Reflect on how each candidate can help TOPRA achieve its strategic goals
  • Deliberate on how each candidate can support the global growth and engagement of membership at a strategic level
  • Take into consideration how each candidate can champion the development of regulatory excellence 

Every vote matters – make your voice heard!

To understand more about how TOPRA is governed, please visit our Governance page. 

Candidates for President-Elect

(Listed alphabetically by surname)

Dr Michael Kipping

Dr Michael Kipping, MTOPRA

Personal statement:

Global response to COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role of regulation in enabling rapid scale-up of crucial healthcare products and the acceleration of innovative solutions. As a result, there is increased awareness of the crucial role of regulatory affairs professionals in enabling organizations to navigate regulatory requirements to provide patients, populations and users with access to safe & effective products.

The future holds exciting challenges for regulatory affairs professionals with emerging areas such as advanced mathematical algorithms, distributed manufacturing of ATMP, cognitive enhancement etc. TOPRA have a key role in growing, developing and supporting a skilled workforce.

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Elizabeth Madichie

Dr Elizabeth Madichie, MTOPRA

Personal statement:

I am grateful to have previously served the TOPRA Board and understand the role it plays governing activities that TOPRA undertakes on behalf of its members and stakeholders.

My passion is influencing change to improve health equality worldwide, so patients and consumers live longer healthier lives. Recent events illustrate that proactivity, collaboration, and solution orientated mindsets can ‘make a difference’. Regulatory professionals are in a unique position to champion new approaches for the benefit of all.

As President-Elect I would leverage my background to enable the TOPRA Strategy and enthusiastically ensure evolution with the ever-changing environment in which we operate.

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Angela Stokes

Angela Stokes, FTOPRA

Personal statement:
I feel my background, experience and enthusiasm for the TOPRA organisation makes me a capable ambassador for the membership.

This organisation belongs to the members and I understand the importance of listening to the needs of TOPRA members and I believe that I can continue to voice these needs and provide relevant strategic input to the Board to help shape the future of TOPRA, continue with the changes I have previously helped to implement and which have been further implemented by the current board and provide stability in these uncertain times. I would appreciate your support to make it happen.

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Candidates for Director with focus on EU

As there has been only one candidate nominated for Director with focus on EU, there is no need for an election for this position.

Eva Kopecna

Dr Eva Kopecna, FTOPRA

Personal statement:
Being a truly international and independent professional organisation, TOPRA is in the ideal position to facilitate understanding of the EU regulatory system globally and to promote it in the emerging markets. TOPRA should continue to expand its role in both education and in emphasizing the importance of the Regulatory Affairs profession internationally and I believe that with my regulatory knowledge and experience I can continue to make a significant contribution to TOPRA in the role of EU Representative on the Board.

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Candidates for Director with focus on North America

As there has been only one candidate nominated for Director with focus on North America, there is no need for an election for this position.

Aman Kera

Aman Khera, MTOPRA

Personal statement:
I am humbled to work in a profession that allows me to play a part, alongside fellow regulators, to make a difference for humanity through positive developments in healthcare.

Over the years, I have volunteered with TOPRA in various capacities and I would be honoured to serve as a TOPRA board member in North America to continue driving forward TOPRA’s Strategic Plan.

I want to help bring forward, the voices of TOPRA members so that TOPRA is able to serve members needs effectively with training, development and future skill growth for the coming years in the regulatory profession.

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