Membership fees 

  Fee in GBP (£)
Member, Registered Member or Fellow
Membership until 31 December 2019 £210
Concessionary membership*
Until 31 December 2019
Retired Member or Fellow
Until 31 December 2019
Student Member**
Until 31 December 2019


(All subscription fees run on an annual basis from 1st January to 31st December each year. Fees are not dependent on date of joining and therefore not prorated)

* Concessions are available for members who are unemployed, on maternity leave or on a career break.

** Full-time (undergraduate and post graduate) students in any discipline and those who are in the first full year after leaving university and not currently in a regulatory job can become student members.

Lifetime membership

Do you want to pay your membership in one lump sum? We offer life membership of TOPRA at two different rates - one for working members and one for retired members.

Option 1 – available to members aged under 55, with at least 2 years previous TOPRA membership and still currently working in some capacity=£3,000 (equivalent of 15 years of membership subscriptions at 2017 rate)

Option 2 – available to members aged over 55 who have semi retired or fully retired from work = £1,100 (equivalent of 6 years of membership subscriptions at 2017 rate)

Please note, refunds of life membership payments are only available up to 30 days after joining. 

To find out more about lifetime membership, call +44 (0)207 510 2560 or email us.