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Below are webinars from our TOPRA webinar archive.

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Webinar: The Regulation of Biotechnology ProductsThis webinar will provide an introduction to biotechnology products for regulatory affairs professionals.WEBBIOIC2
Webinar: Updates on China Regulatory ReformThis is an update on China's recent regulatory reform from 2017. In the past 12 months, more draft regulations/guidelines have been finalised and gone into the implementation stage, which will change China's role in global drug development. Therefore, it is important to follow up to those changes, in order to fully explore China drug development potential.WEBCHINA2
Webinar: Get the Recognition You Deserve with CSciHave you been working in regulatory affairs for 4-6 years? Do you have a high level of competence? If so, then get the recognition you deserve with Chartered Scientist! Find out how from this webinar.WEBCSCI19
Webinar: Feed Additive EfficacyThe regulatory framework and data required to establish the characterisation, quality, safety and efficacy of the different types of feed additives will be looked at during this webinar.WEBFEED18
Webinar - Generic Vs. Branded Label AlignmentThis pre-recorded webinar discusses label harmonisation, and assesses the results of a study on the label content of several unique branded products and their generic equivalents, noting critical safety concerns of disparate labelling between the branded and generic labels.WEBGEN
Webinar: European Regulation of Herbal Medicinal ProductsThis webinar will provide delegates with an understanding of what is meant by a herbal medicine and will focus on the different regulatory routes by which herbal medicinal products can be licensed in Europe.WEBHERBAL
Webinar: Introduction To Health Technology Assessment (HTA)This webinar serves as introduction to the two day TOPRA CRED Workshop: ‘Health Technology Assessment as part of Regulatory Strategy?’WEBHTA16
Webinar: Identification of Medicinal Product LandscapeThis presentation will provide case studies representing EU and US environments and the experiences in preparing for IDMP followed-up by with an IDMP Regulatory update.WEBIDMP17
Your Career in Regulatory Affairs: Your First StepsThis webinar recording will provide you with the key information that you will need to begin your career in regulatory affairs.WEBINTRO
Webinar: Lifecycle Management - Key International MarketsThis webinar will discuss key international markets such as, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, India, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, Gulf Council and RussiaWEBLMKIM
Webinar: The Registration of Medical DevicesThis webinar will provide an introduction to the registration of medical devices for regulatory affairs professionals.WEBMDINTRO
Webinar: Intro To Regulatory Affairs in Middle East & AfricaThis webinar will provide an introduction to the regulatory environment and registration process in the Middle East and Africa.WEBMEA
Webinar: The EU Novel Foods RegulationThis webinar will provide an understanding of when a new food product could be considered a novel food and will discuss the dossier requirements for the scientific risk assessment undertaken by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).WEBNOVFOOD
Webinar Regulatory Requirements for Marketing AuthorisationsThis webinar will discuss the regulatory requirements for marketing authorisations in key international markets such as, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, India, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, Gulf Council and RussiaWEBRRMAKIM
Webinar: Impact of CT Transparency RequirementsDuring this webinar you will be introduced to a broad set of strategies and resources to help mitigate issues experienced during clinical trial disclosure globally. The webinar will cover the importance of centralisation of disclosure and communication between departments.WEBTRANS
Webinar: Marketing Authorisation Procedure in TurkeyThis webinar is about how the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TMMDA) conducts marketing authorisation procedure in Turkey.WEBTURKEY
Webinar: Maintenance of US Marketing ApplicationsThis webinar will address the types of submissions and reports that are provided to FDA as part of maintaining a compliant New Drug Application or Biologics Licence Application for approved products.WEBUSMMA
Webinar: US Requirements for Original Marketing ApplicationsThis webinar will provide an overview to the US marketing application (NDA/BLA) from both a content and format perspective and will highlight those technical areas that are critical for companies to address well in advance of their US filings.WEBUSNDA
Veterinary Variations To Marketing Authorisations in the EUThis webinar will discuss the veterinary variations to Marketing Authorisations in the EU.WEBVETVAR