Distinguished Service Award

TOPRA values the role played by many of its members in activities in all areas.

Volunteering for TOPRA benefits the member, his or her employing organisation and of course enables TOPRA to retain its position as the international professional body for regulatory affairs.

Every volunteer makes an important contribution, however small, to TOPRA. However, there are some volunteers, who through the quality of what they do, or the personal time they devote, or the commitment they show, make an exceptional contribution, above and beyond what may be expected. TOPRA likes to recognise these special members, by expressing gratitude and publicly acknowledging what they have done.

TOPRA therefore runs the Distinguished Service Award to recognise these special volunteers.

Who can make nominations?

Chairs of any TOPRA Committee, Working Party or Special Interest Group can nominate any colleague on that group for an award. At least one other TOPRA member should counter-sign the nomination.

When can nominations be made?

Recipients of these Awards will be announced at the TOPRA Annual General Meeting each year, and nominations are invited at any time up to one month prior to the AGM date.

Nominations should be based on volunteer service given to TOPRA in the year since the last AGM.

What can the nominations be for?

Any type of volunteer service can be considered. For example, exceptional commitment to attendance at committee meetings, effective chairing or a particularly high-quality piece of work for TOPRA. If in doubt, please contact info@topra.org for advice.

How are nominations submitted and assessed?

If you would like to make a nomination, you should complete the below nomination form and submit it in confidence to the Executive Director of TOPRA. You should NOT advise the nominee that you are putting their name forward. A sub-committee of the TOPRA Board will consider all nominations received and decide, from their knowledge of what volunteers in TOPRA do for the organisation, whether to approve the nomination. They may contact the proposer for more information. The process is confidential and the decisions are at the discretion of the Board and final.

The Board will then contact the nominee to advise them that they have successfully been nominated, and by whom, and invite them to attend the next AGM to receive their certificate.

What does the successful nominee receive?

The Distinguished Service Award certificate and badge will be awarded to all successful nominees.

The award will be published in the TOPRA members’ newsletter and may be publicised in the industry press.

Are there any exclusions?

Nominees must be TOPRA members in good standing (ie paid for the current year). Volunteers may not submit their own names. Board members cannot be nominated while they serve on the Board. However, Board members may make nominations. Volunteers may receive more than one award per year, but not for the same item of service.

There is no limit to the number of awards a volunteer can receive overall. In the absence of nominations that the Board considers worthy, there may be no awards given in one year.

What other awards does TOPRA give?

Members who have made a considerable contribution to TOPRA or to the profession of regulatory affairs, and who have at least ten years of experience, may be nominated for Fellowship of TOPRA. Members or non-Members who have made a significant impact on regulatory affairs in the healthcare industries may be nominated for Honorary Life Membership.

Download a nomination form