TOPRA Engage | Terms & Conditions

How your data is processed and stored is important to us. Below is a summary of how your data will be processed in the TOPRA Engage app along with a link to TOPRA's full data privacy policy.

  • By downloading the TOPRA Engage app, your basic data (name, country, job title, expertise) will be displayed on the membership directory to allow you to connect with other members as part of the membership service we provide to you.
  • You have the ability to chat within the app to other members through the app messaging function and communities.
  • Each member has their own account area, visible only to them, showing their digital membership card, which includes a Profile Picture (optional), member ID number, full name, designation and member type.
  • You have the ability to request all personal data held from within your profile within the app.
  • You have the ability to amend your personal data within the app or via the main MY TOPRA section of the TOPRA website.
  • Only the data controller (TOPRA) and the data processor (Cantarus) have access to your data. Your personal data will not be shared with any 3rd party without your permission.
  • In addition, we store and may also match profile data with basic statistics of use including page views (links that have been clicked), live streams viewed, images, activity feed, points, votes, questions and forms submitted/or feedback.

For more information about how we manage your data, please see TOPRA's Privacy Policy.