Regulatory Rapporteur July/August 2021
Pain management Regulatory considerations in pain treatments for humans and animals Plus: Storyboarding Meetings - Why they are useful for marketing applications Meetings - EMA/HMA webinar on artificial intelligence IDMP- Business benefits of implementing a new RIMS
Regulatory Rapporteur July-August 2021MEMBERS
Interview: Barbara Cyrus, EMA, on the challenges of measuring and managing pain in animalsMEMBERS
Perspectives of practices related to the implementation of the FMDMEMBERS
Interview: Grainne Power, HPRA, on the evolution of pain and its managementMEMBERS
Measuring mild-to-moderate acute pain – a regulatory perspectiveMEMBERS
Storyboarding as best practice for marketing applicationsMEMBERS
Regulatory information management system implementation for IDMPMEMBERS
Interview: Angeliki Rompoti, EMA, on an innovative and holistic approach to pain managementMEMBERS
Meeting Report: Next step towards HMA/EMA artificial intelligence strategy implementationMEMBERS
Editorial: How regulatory efforts contribute to optimisation of pain treatments PUBLIC