Regulatory Rapporteur April 2021
Focus: Nonclinical studies - Laying the foundations for the development of new pharmaceutical compounds Plus: • Interview - Alex Nolte, head of EMA's human medicines division • Artificial intelligence - Discovering solutions for better patient outcomes • The 3Rs - Designing studies with juvenile animals
Regulatory Rapporteur April 2021MEMBERS
Paediatric drug development – the 3Rs and the evolution of juvenile animal studiesMEMBERS
US FDA requirements for nonclinical dataMEMBERS
What can 70,000 research papers tell us about how AI is impacting life sciences?MEMBERS
Supercharging drug discovery, research, and developmentMEMBERS
Interview: EMA's Alexis Nolte - Regulating through the choppy waters of a pandemicMEMBERS
GLP vs non-GLP – regulatory expectations for nonclinical studiesMEMBERS
Editorial: In the midst of another industrial revolution PUBLIC