Regulatory Rapporteur March 2021
Focus: Regulatory Intelligence - Processing targeted information and data to generate a meaningful output Plus: • CMC: Impurity management in clinical studies • INTERVIEW: Celebrating 30 years of ICH harmonisation efforts • MEETING REPORT: Advancing CMC workshop: Global challenges
Regulatory Rapporteur March 2021MEMBERS
Enabling implementation of the upcoming EU Clinical Trial Regulation through the CTISMEMBERS
Meeting Report; DIA Advancing CMC WorkshopMEMBERS
Impurity management where products are co-administered in clinical studiesMEMBERS
A guide to engaging our partners in regulatory intelligenceMEMBERS
How regulatory intelligence contributes to compliance-related regulatory surveillanceMEMBERS
Interview: Tom Humphreys - Gathering new insights through horizon scanningMEMBERS
Tracking COVID-19 updates and trends: the role of regulatory intelligenceMEMBERS
Interview: Gabrielle Disselhoff - ICH: celebrating 30 years of harmonised drug approvalsMEMBERS
Editorial: Achieving strategic goals through gathering intelligence PUBLIC