Regulatory Rapporteur February 2021
Focus: Asia Pacific - Examining regulatory issues in the far east continent and beyond Plus: • COSMETIC PRODUCTS: Navigating the rules on advertising claims • ATMPs: Regulation of advanced therapies in the US • IDMP AND THE SPOR INITIATIVE: What these are and why they are important
Regulatory Rapporteur February 2021MEMBERS
Advanced therapies and regenerative medicines regulation – part II: the USMEMBERS
Fixed-dose combination products – the regulatory landscape in the US, the EU and its evolution in IndiaMEMBERS
Can Chinese Phase I data from the West accelerate China drug development? The science of ethnobridgingMEMBERS
Industry’s experience on ACSS regulatory worksharing pilotMEMBERS
Reliability standards for Japanese marketing approval applicationsMEMBERS
Advertising cosmetics versus medicines: a comparative analysis across marketsMEMBERS
A review of IDMP and SPOR data management servicesMEMBERS
Towards global harmonisation: are we jumping, or being pushed? PUBLIC