Regulatory Rapporteur March 2019
In This Issue FOCUS: Antimicrobial resistance: What the profession is doing to combat one of the greatest health threats today PLUS • The impact of the EU MDR on combination products • Small markets - challenges for the regulator • How to frame an EU-compliant pharmacovigilance system
Regulatory Rapporteur March 2019MEMBERS
Meeting report: Addressing the impact of the EU Medical Devices Regulation on coMEMBERS
Does market size really matter? A regulator’s perspectiveMEMBERS
Meeting report: Accelerating anticancer agent development and validation (AAADV)MEMBERS
Applying for an EU marketing authorisation: a pharmacovigilance perspectiveMEMBERS
Tackling AMR - the role of veterinary medicine in Germany’s One Health approachMEMBERS
AMR: Is a paradigm shift needed in medicines regulation to combat bacterial infeMEMBERS
Editorial: The war against AMR continues PUBLIC
The UK veterinary profession’s response to antimicrobial resistance PUBLIC