2019-2020 TOPRA Annual Report published

Posted on 6 October 2020

2019-2020 Annual Report cover image Embracing Change, this year’s Annual Report, covers all TOPRA’s key activities over the past year. Its focuses on how the organisation is delivering its strategic objectives against the backdrop of COVID-19.

As national lockdowns started to be implemented across Europe, TOPRA moved swiftly to introduce remote working in March, expediting the implementation of several planned automated processes, and developing our digital technologies and membership support. Working with volunteers and working parties, TOPRA had moved all its scheduled face-to-face courses and MSc modules, as well as membership networking activities, online from April. 

“Like every other organisation in the world, TOPRA has had to adapt to a new way of working and significant uncertainty. I’m proud we have stepped up to the challenge,” said TOPRA Chief Executive Kevin Pay. “Our services have still been delivered, albeit online, to the high standard expected of our membership activities and training programmes.”

This prompt response has assisted TOPRA in its primary purpose of supporting the regulatory affairs profession. In this crisis, our members have played a huge role in responding to the pandemic through helping identify and deliver effective treatments in a timely manner. 

“If nothing else, the events of 2020 have served to reinforce the imperative for continued re-engineering of regulatory development processes,” said TOPRA President Steve Hayes, citing the example of the Ventilator Challenge which prompted a number of regulatory professionals in the TOPRA community to respond and ultimately help deliver additional supplies of such vital equipment within very short time frames.

An increase in digital engagement among our global regulatory community has been a key feature of TOPRA’s success this year. We now have members in more than 60 countries and launched two regional groups this year – one in India the other covering Central and Eastern Europe.

Our new online communities enable our members, wherever they are based, to start conversations and share experiences in our secure online platform.

Members can find out more about TOPRA’s activities over the year by downloading Embracing Change  from our Annual Reports page.