Chartered Scientist webinar attracts global interest

Posted on 28 March 2019

TOPRA’s first webinar on Chartered Scientist (CSci) – “Getting the recognition you deserve with CSci” – was held on 25 February. This webinar aimed to provide attendees all the information they need about gaining professional registration as a Chartered Scientist. The webinar was developed as a result of great interest from members following sessions at the TOPRA Annual Symposium last year in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Attendees were geographically diverse, from 12 different countries including the US, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, the Dominican Republic and the Netherlands.

Samantha Alsbury, Head of Professional Development at TOPRA, said: “We are delighted that there is an international interest in the Chartered Scientist accreditation and look forward to receiving lots of applications over the coming months.”

Chartered Scientist is a competence-based registration that provides recognition for regulatory affairs professionals who have reached the stage of taking responsibility for the work of others, typically four to six years of experience. Those who achieve this registration are able to use the post-nominals CSci to demonstrate that they have achieved this standard; it is a way to celebrate a high level of competence and professionalism. The Chartered Scientist Register is held by the Science Council, meaning that it is also available to other scientists in the drug and device development process and so provides parity for regulatory professionals with scientists working in research and development.