Article 50: What could it mean for regulatory professionals?

The triggering of Article 50 by the UK government represents a significant milestone, not least for all those involved in the regulation and delivery of medicines across the world. Significant challenges and opportunities lie ahead and TOPRA wants to hear from all regulatory professionals about their concerns and both the positive and negative impacts on their work.

Members are invited to share their thoughts and questions via our online Brexit community. As your professional body TOPRA is particularly keen to understand how you think Brexit will affect your future career opportunities. Our Brexit Leadership team will be monitoring and responding to developments as they unfold and making sure that regulatory professionals have opportunities for comment. Making your voice heard is part of what we do.

TOPRA is committed to keeping all members, wherever they are based, up to date with information as it becomes available, with training opportunities to upskill their teams and with the opportunities to input into the debate at all stages.

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