Conducting Performance Appraisals (eLearning)

Conducting Performance Appraisals (eLearning)
This course shows how investing time in conducting effective appraisals creates a motivated team and saves time in the long term.

This course will no longer be available to access after 30 March 2022. Please note that any new registrants in the following period, will need to access and finish this course by 30 March 2022.

Managing the performance of the people you manage is key to achieving objectives. The appraisal sits at the heart of any approach to performance management. The process of viewing the previous year's performance and of agreeing expectations for the coming period is key to the professional relationships managers develop with their staff.  

Conducting Performance Appraisals enables you to:

  • Understand what an appraisal is for and why it is important 
  • Prepare effectively for an appraisal 
  • Plan and conduct constructive preliminary meetings and appraisal meetings 
  • Recognise what should and shouldn't be covered in an appraisal 
  • Ensure that their spoken and written comments are fair and effective 
  • Correctly complete any forms related to the appraisal process 
  • Learn techniques for handling any difficult situations that arise during appraisal meetings 

Learning outcomes

Preparing for an appraisal

  • What is an appraisal and what is it for? 
  • What principles should I follow? 
  • What is the procedure? 
  • What is the purpose of a preliminary meeting? 
  • What preparation do I need to do for the meeting? 
  • What preparation should I get the member of staff to do for the meeting? 
  • How should I approach the meeting itself? 

The appraisal meeting 

  • How should I structure the meeting? 
  • What do we need to cover at the meeting? 
  • How do I ensure the meeting is constructive? 
  • What else should I bear in mind? 
  • Writing the appraisal document 
  • What do I do after the meeting? 
  • How do I fill in the form correctly? 
  • How can I ensure that my written comments are fair and effective? 
  • What should I do if the staff member disagrees with something I have written? 
Handling difficult situations 
  • How do I appraise someone I don’t get on with? 
  • How should I handle conflict? 
  • How should I go about giving very negative feedback? 
  • What else might be difficult? 


Who is this course for?

  • This course is designed to appeal to people at all levels who have to conduct performance appraisals, whether managing technical or non-technical staff in industry or in practice.
  • Those who are new to conducting appraisals will find that this course will help them understand the process and techniques required.
  • More experienced or senior managers will value the opportunity to spend time reviewing their attitude and approach to appraisal and learning new techniques. 


Course information

How long will the course take?

You have 120 days access to this course, during this time you can complete the course at your own pace. You can exit the course at any point and all of your answers will have been automatically saved. If the course is not accessed within 12 months of purchase, the course access will expire and you will not be entitled to a refund.

What do I have to do to complete the course?
To complete the course you must go through each topic and answer a selection of questions. Once you have completed the course you will receive a completion certificate.

How many CPD hours will I receive?
We recommend that this course should take you 3.5 hours to complete, you will therefore receive 3.5 CPD hours upon completion. 

Terms & conditions

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