Negotiation Skills (eLearning)

Negotiation Skills (eLearning)
This course will help you to learn some practical negotiation techniques and strategies, and to plan your negotiations to give you the greatest chance of success.

This course will no longer be available to access after 30 March 2022. Please note that any new registrants in the following period, will need to access and finish this course by 30 March 2022.

As a professional, being an effective negotiator is an important skill to acquire when dealing with both colleagues and clients.

Covering the principles, the preparation and the practice of negotiating skills the course combines theory with practical activities and scenarios that are set in the workplace, that will help you put what you learn into practice. 

Negotiation Skills enables you to:

  • Explore situations and find solutions that are acceptable to both parties 

  • Plan all their negotiations effectively 

  • Use constraints and variables to reach an acceptable conclusion for both parties 

  • Identify their own negotiation style to help them improve 

  • Handle the difficult situations and difficult people they will encounter when negotiating 

  • Understand and avoid some of the common traps they might come across in their negotiations 

  • Understand how to prepare in a way that will ensure the best result for them 

  • Learn when not to negotiate and say NO! 

Learning outcomes

  • Principles

  • What is the aim of negotiation? 

  • What is the context of the negotiation? 

  • What is win win? 

  • How do people negotiate?

  • What makes a good negotiator? 

  • What are the key skills involved in negotiating? 

  • What is the process of negotiation? 

  • Preparation

  • Why is planning important? 

  • What practicalities do I need to consider? 

  • What tools are there to help me plan? 


  • How should I behave during a negotiation? 

  • How do I trade concessions? 

  • How do I use the key skills in a negotiation? 

  • How do we come to an agreement? 

  • What should I do once I have come to an agreement? 

This course is great for professionals in practice and in industry.

Frequently asked questions
How long will the course take?

You have 120 days access to this course, during this time you can complete the course at your own pace. You can exit the course at any point and all of your answers will have been automatically saved.

If the course is not accessed within 12 months of purchase, the course access will expire and you will not be entitled to a refund.

What do I have to do to complete the course?
To complete the course you must go through each topic and answer a selection of questions. Once you have completed the course you will receive a completion certificate.

How many CPD hours will I receive?

We recommend that this course should take you 3.5 hours to complete, you will therefore receive 3.5 CPD hours upon completion. 


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