Collaborating with the World: Open Source Science

This exclusive TOPRA Fellow evening will be held at TOPRA HQ in London. Prof Matthew Todd, Chair of Drug Discovery at University College London, will explain Open Source Science and its uses.

  5 June 2019 | 18:00 – 20:30 
Where:  TOPRA, 6th Floor, 3 Harbour Exchange, London E14 9GE, UK

The talk promises to deliver a competing model to that used currently for developing medicines that society needs most. It will include current proposals for how completely open research in the discovery and development of medicines might be coupled with a viable route to patients for those medicines.

Following the talk there will be an interactive discussion considering possible regulatory pitfalls and addressing issues such as the strength of regulatory data exclusivity when patents are not available or have expired, international pricing mechanisms and sponsor liability. 


Professor Matthew Todd - Chair of Drug Discovery at UCL School of Pharmacy


Free for TOPRA Fellows and Honorary Fellows/Honorary Members 

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05/06/2019 18:00 - 20:30
TOPRA Office 6th Floor 3 Harbour Exchange London E14 9GE UNITED KINGDOM
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