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Copies of Regulatory RapporteurNow in its 16th year of publication, the hugely successful Regulatory Rapporteur journal is well received throughout the regulatory community. The consistently high-quality content makes it a must-read monthly journal for our members and their associates.

The reach of Regulatory Rapporteur readership continues to grow as TOPRA membership expands, both in terms of numbers and geographical location.

A competitive reach

Our readership is diverse, and in terms of purchasing ownership it is read by both the customer and the consumer; decision-makers and budget-holders interested in a broad range of services ranging from medical devices, translation services and vacancies from across the industry.

Leading organisations such as Pfizer, Aspen, Gilead and DWL have regularly advertised their services on our pages.

Our members’ perspective

More than 61% of TOPRA members stated in a survey that they find Regulatory Rapporteur the most useful publication in their work and almost 60% of members stated that they find it the most authoritative journal in regulatory affairs.

Our clients’ perspective

‘DWL provides a specialist translation service to the pharmaceutical industry especially in the fields of regulatory affairs and clinical research. Regulatory Rapporteur is always our first choice of advertising medium as its readership, the professional in regulatory affairs, is an important part of our market’ - Samuel J Wirth, Managing Director, DWL

Editorial themes for January 2022 – January 2023


January 2022 Clinical Trials
February 2022 Expedited pathways
March 2022 UK/post-Brexit impacts
April 2022 Green pharma
May 2022 Chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC)
June 2022 Pharmacovigilance legislation
July/August 2022 Data governance
September 2022 Regulatory operations
October 2022
Medical technologies
November 2022
North American
December 2022 TOPRA Annual Symposium reports
January 2023
Patient Engagement

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