Terms & conditions for acceptance of advertisements 

  1. All invoices are to be paid twenty eight days (28) days after submission. All cheques should be made payable to TOPRA. If payment is to be made by an Agency, allowable commissions may be deducted. If any bill is not paid by its due date, commissions shall be deemed not earned and the gross amount of the bill shall be paid in full.
  2. The Advertiser shall have the right to cancel this order in writing within seven (7) working days from the date of this order. There are not other terms under which this order is subject to cancellation. 
  3. The Publisher may decline an order at any time prior to going to press without having to state the reason for doing so. Where possible advertisers will be informed that the order is being declined. 
  4. The copy for the advertisement/s for Regulatory Rapporteur and TOPRA Connect for members emails is to be supplied by the Advertiser, or agent selected by the Advertiser, no later than the date given. If copy is not received by this date the Publisher reserves the right to use information already supplied by the Advertisers on their booking form in the space booked (company name and telephone number) 
  5. Where the advertisement is to be set by the Publisher a proof will be sent to the Advertiser for approval. All amendments must be received in writing (by e-mail or hard copy) within the time frame requested on the copy approval sheet. Whilst the Publisher will use their best endeavours to get written approval where this is not received, within the timeframe the Publisher shall not be liable for omissions or errors. 
  6. Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of the contents of their advertisement. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage or liability arising from inaccuracy save where due to the negligence of the Publisher or their employees. 
  7. The Publisher will charge additionally to produce artwork for the Advertiser and for any onward forwarding of the finished advertisement to other media. 
  8. The Publisher reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and at any time before publication, to reject any advertising copy, whether or not the same has already been acknowledged and/or previously published. The rejection of copy by the Publisher, for any reason whatsoever, shall not be considered a breach of contract, but shall require the Advertiser and/or Agency to supply new copy acceptable to the Publisher. 
  9. The Advertiser shall fully indemnify the Publisher against all costs, claims, losses or liabilities arising from any inaccuracy or wrong, misleading or negligent or defamatory statements or any breach of a third party’s right howsoever contained in such advertisement save where arising from the negligence of the Publisher of their employees. 
  10. The Publisher undertakes that the advertisement will appear in the issue specified on the Advertisement order form. The Publisher reserves the right to alter the publication date by up to one month and whilst every endeavour will be made to inform all Advertisers of the new publication date this will not entitle the advertiser to cancel the order or to any compensation or abatement. 
  11. Orders containing restrictions, or specifying position, facing, editorial adjacency, or other requirements may be accepted and inserted but such restrictions or specifications are at Publisher's sole discretion 
  12. Advertisements that simulate editorial content must be clearly labelled "ADVERTISEMENT" and the Publisher may, in its sole discretion, so label such copy. Such advertisements must appear in a different typeface than that used for Publisher's editorial material. 
  13. Employees of any business are deemed to be authorised to sign this order on behalf of their employer and the departure of the employee from the business does not affect the liability of the employer to pay the sums overleaf when invoiced for said sums. 
  14. It is agreed and declared that this agreement contains all the terms and conditions between the parties hereto and the Publisher have made no warranty (oral or otherwise) except expressly stated herein. 
  15. In the event a volume of advertising less than that agreed is used and paid for or the Advertiser or Agency otherwise breaches the terms of this rate card, any rate discount will be nullified and Advertiser and Agency will be charged the difference between the rates charged and the rates applicable for the volume of space actually used, in accordance with the applicable rate schedules.